Venus Rising: Women and Antidepressants

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  1. She Stands in a Giant Scallop Shell …

    Ref – Style

    Venus’ body is anatomically improbable, with elongated neck and torso. Her pose is impossible: although she stands in a classical contrapposto stance, her weight is shifted too far over the left leg for the pose to be held. The proportions and poses of the winds to the left do not quite make sense, and none of the figures cast shadows.[16] The painting depicts the world of the imagination rather than being very concerned with realistic depiction.[17]

    “The Outcast”

    The Blue Rinse Brigade want ‘realistic depiction’ but won’t find it here.

    The ‘Winds’ to the ‘Left’ want the pose to be held – kick-starting – Women and Antidepressants …

  2. Pychiatrists-UK https://themedicalcannabisclinics has been licenced to provide treatment with cannabis. The medical proffession has constantly scared off the public but they don’t tell the honest truth. Medical cannabis may have some side effects for some which should be monitored – but not of the magnitude of ‘street ‘cannabis and not as harmful as
    SSRIs and drugs prescribed for ADHD. The cost is prohibitive but this business/practice is in part funded in a complicated way by the NHS – (The web site is very comprehensive)

    Medical cannabis can provide long-term relief from most psychiatric conditions and symptoms, including depression, anxiety and PTSD.
    (I would think that most of us if we are not manipulated to think we are needing treatment could rely on the fact that they are common conditions Which surely means that most of us deal with them by going through the bad patch and gaining strength from knowing we can transfer the strategies to other parts of life. The messages given out every day by the media just ramp up fear even before covid.
    Common conditions
    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
    Appetite Disorders
    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
    Stress Disorders
    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
    Autistic Spectrum Disorder
    Tourette’s Syndrome
    Typical symptoms
    Depending on the condition, you may suffer from:

    Low mood
    Intrusive thoughts
    Changes in sleep, appetite and energy levels
    Traumatic flashbacks
    Psychiatric conditions, including anxiety and depression disorders, have been shown to benefit from medical cannabis treatments. Studies have shown that cannabinoids can provide relief from the symptoms of psychiatric disorders by working with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which plays an integral part in processing emotions such as fear, anxiety and stress.

    Research has also shown that both THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD have proven to significantly reduce symptoms in those suffering from generalised anxiety disorders, social anxiety stress disorders and OCD. Cannabidiol not only increases feelings of calmness and wellbeing; it also changes the way your brain responds to anxiety. Meanwhile, activation of the cannabis receptors CB1 and CB2 can help promote happiness, pleasure, and memory.

    The Medical Cannabis Clinics offer treatment plans and care for psychiatric patients through online video link consultations with our expert specialist doctors, who can guide you through treatment options. Appointments start from only £150.

    (There are concerns – they are contracted to the NHS to provide treatment for ADHA and claim to be having 150 referrals a day. ( on their website) Not sure if these are new referrals The clinicians work privately and n the NHS\ and have relationships with GPs who do the referrals. Too cosy? A reliable income stream.
    Another concern is that one of the female psychs describe in her profile that there are vaious levels of depression and treatments – ending with that the most severe meaning a life time on ADs and – wait for it- think of it as like diabetes. Would they tell a diabetes ‘sufferer’ to think of it as being on Anti depressant for life..

    On a positive note they are open minded and willing to go against the grain . They claim to treat addiction and restless legs – would that be worth looking into?

    Another vile trap for mainly young women but some older too playing on the anxiety of growing older – is the message that bums must now be enhanced by pills to make the body shape more attractive. Severe side effects are being reported but they are still available . June Raine who probably isn’t concerned about the size of her bum ,at the MHRA says they are being investigated. Does a young woman need to commit suicide before action is taken.

  3. Something happened to the planet Venus millions of years ago to make it toxic – it’s taking a millions of a fraction of time to create a toxic environment for women (and everyone) on earth .
    Hot flashes ladies – get with it – there’s an unproven way of delaying the menopause at the Profam clinic for £7000-£11000 operating in Canada and UK – and we all know the underlying message is not medical for everyone – in an ageist society it offers us the chance of .looking young for longer. Always ‘interesting ‘to see how many men want to ‘help’ women look artificially ‘young’
    How it works
    Following a comprehensive consultation you will attend our hospital clinic for the surgical removal of a fraction of the ovarian tissue by laparoscopy. The operation will normally last about half an hour and you will need to stay in the hospital only for a few hours after the operation.

    The tissue will be sent to our specialist laboratory and will be carefully and professionally prepared by our trained experts, with the aim of producing precise slices of ovarian tissue. These slices will then be frozen at very low temperatures where the tissue and the eggs will be preserved.

    They can remain healthy in this frozen state for many years.

    If you wish to consider using your tissue for conception, or for delaying the menopause at some stage in the future, the tissue will be thawed and transferred (grafted) back in to your body. Most women gain full hormone production within 4-6 months (further details are provided under FAQs).

    Why delay the menopause?
    For some women the menopause causes limited problems. They may suffer with little or no menopausal symptoms.

    However, for very many women the menopause can cause a series of problems, resulting in most countries having menopause clinics to help woman with a range of menopause-related issues. These include increased risk of cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, vasomotor symptoms, decreased libido, depression, urinary incontinence, sexual dysfunction and diminished cognitive function.

    The main option for such women is to use the Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), but unfortunately this does not agree with all women. Furthermore, many do not wish to take pharmaceutical hormones, and the delivery of these hormones does not follow the natural rhythms of the body’s own hormones.

    Young women today are destined to live in the menopausal stage for 30-40 years (or more), but throughout history most women did not live much beyond their fertile period. Although modern lifestyle and medicine are ensuring we live much longer, the intrinsic nature of the ovaries has not changed, and unless we use modern technology to preserve them, the ovaries will cease to function at around 45-50 years of age, leaving a woman with 4 or 5 decades of menopausal issues. Delaying menopause with ovarian tissue cryopreservation and transplantation later in life can extend the period a woman live in pre-menopausal stage. Years of meticulous research has now allowed women to delay their biological clock.

    Would removal of ovarian tissue affect my future fertility and onset of menopause?
    The removal of a precise amount of tissue should have little or no bearing on your future fertility or when you will naturally begin the menopause. However, it is possible that menopause could commence a little earlier, but this is likely to be greatly outweighed by delaying the menopause for a decade or longer with the transplantation of stored ovarian tissue.

  4. David,
    Are you following the D. Morley case in Ireland at the moment?
    Is it possible this tragedy was medication induced?
    I presume any mention of such will be completely ignored by the courts…

  5. Oprah Winfrey has been described as ‘The most powerful woman on Earth. She is reputable worth 2.9 Billion dollars. Undoubtedly she has drawn attention to many issues including racism, domestic violence and child abuse. Is she brave enough to ever use her considerable platform to address even a tenth of what Is being said in the above article. Her Apple plus TV series on Mental Health with Harry (Windsor) starts tomorrow. Apparently its going to feature A list Celebrities including Lady Gaga.. Will any of them mention the dangers of prescribed ‘Meds’ The problems of withdrawal, the life threatening issues that are Akathsia, and PSSD? Oprah has 43 Million Twitter followers.. What would it take to get her to listen to someone like Professor Healy?

  6. Alan Cassels

    And of course, his calling card includes Study 329 called “one of the biggest medical scandals of recent times…”

    Paul D. Thacker

    Nothing against, you Dr. Black. But I see one of your co-authors is the infamous Stan Kutcher, one of the more corrupt psychiatrists in Canada.
    Author of Ghostwritten Study Runs for Parliament in Canada

    Trudo Lemmens

    Replying to @thackerpd@tylerblack32and 4 others

    And when it comes to suicide, S Kutcher also wrongly claimed in a ‘question’ to an expert witness that suicide rates have gone down in Belgium & Netherlands due to legalized euthanasia for MH. Yet Senate then selects him to be on committee that will recommend this in Canada

    Bit of an opera…

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