Study 329 in Japan

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  1. Pharmaceutical companies will do anything to use children as guinea pigs for experimentation of their dangerous drugs as these children are considered “cheap” and it is all for the greed of these organisations. All children’s lives are valuable and need to be protected from this abuse for financial greed and power over many making innocent victims dependent on drugs they will never be able to come off after catching a disease created by the pharmaceutical industry which nature didn’t create. How many diseases are man-made by these organisations for dependency on the expensive drugs they manufacture?

    • John RJ,

      If it is pharmaceutical companies using kids as guinea pigs, how do you explain prominent academic psychiatrists selling their names for bylines on ghost written articles?

      How do you explain the prescribing habits influenced by these prominent doctors, who have almost nothing to do with the clinical trials and can’t be bothered to fact check the data before the results are published?

      Pharmaceutical company execs do not have prescribing privs. Pharma reps do not see patients or monitor patients in a clinical setting.

      The FDA in America would not approve a drug without input from a medical doctor.

      Shouldn’t doctors protect kids from being exploited and harmed by greedy, powerful pharmaceutical company’s nefarious schemes?

      • EXCELLENT POINT! Integrity should begin with the researcher, but the DOCTOR is the guardian of human health. From whence does the ‘urge’ to prescribe a particular drug come from – the doctor’s due diligence and analysis or the pharm rep’s sales pitch?


    97 out of 136 (71%) of paroxetine studies (completion date before Oct 2010) => Unpublished.

    EudraCT: Results: “Removed from public view”


    • … we can honor the victims by publicizing their stories, many have already been shared by their loved ones — and

      we can seek justice for their having been innocent victims;

      for starters-

      • Thank you, Katie – honoring the victims by publicizing their stories is one way. I told my son’s story countless times before FDA Advisory Committees before realizing that the deck was stacked, and that I was sinking under the emotional weight of doing so – so I moved West to save my own skin. Though I miss him every single day ( he died at the age of 39 from profound hyperglycemia from Zyprexa) , I know that he would have wanted me to go on with life and make it as happy a one as possible under the circumstances.

        Seeking justice for their having been innocent victims is another kettle of fish – the corporate executives at Eli Lilly who sat around the conference table time and again figuring out how to combat the bad press Zyprexa was getting deserve to be in prison. But they are not – one of them is now the President of Perdue University, having previously been the Governor of Indiana and, before that, President of Northern American Operations for Lilly during the roll-out of Zyprexa.

        I have to work to not focus on this – to not get sucked into the anger and rage that simmer beneath the surface – so as to have some quality of life.

        I doubt that “justice” – in the sense of any of them being behind bars – will happen in my lifetime. But if enough people, such as those commenting here, work at it, the tide may turn around. Thank you for all that you are doing.

  3. I saw with my own eyes what antidepressants did to my 20 year old sons mental state. The thought of kids as young as 7 taking this drug just literally breaks my heart.
    Seriously I can’t stop thinking about it. Its an absolute disgrace.
    These poor children will probably be left with damage from this drug that they will have to carry round for life.
    What a terrible thing to do to kids.

    • You and me both Lisa, you and me both. Watching young men suffering was bad enough, but seven year olds? – wow, I can hardly comprehend it.Had to re-read the facts here, couldn’t digest what I had read – and the doses that they were given! I wonder how many of these poor children are now on a cocktail of other drugs, trying to correct the damage caused, and being labelled with allsorts of other mental health conditions?


    starting with a government-funded national telephone helpline.”

    And then what……….?

    A call centre approach with a slightly sympathetic air about them.

    Come on….

    Come on….

    Doctors are not doing what weak advisors tell them to do and in so doing put us all in jeopardy…..

  5. Truly horrifying.

    “Take the three patients from the placebo arm of the study who, according to the results, suffered suicidal ideation, and we may just find that these three were also taking antidepressants a week or so before they entered the Japanese study.”

    This was exactly my thoughts even before i got down to reading this. I can tell you as an adult a CT is hell.

    “Could their suicidal ideation have been caused by the withdrawal effects of the medication they were taking prior to the Japanese study? ” Of course !!!

    What i dont understand is how can a child, 7 yrs old say, be diagnosed with depression.
    That is sooo wrong, Children are the most resilient humans there are. Just read
    Parvana’s Journey ‘ by D Ellis. Its a high school reading text. Google it.

    Simply provide them with a toy and some gum and they are away laughing. But drug them ??? that is just obscene.

  6. Can you imagine a 18 month child on risperidone?
    If it is approved, it is safe, right?

    I know that vitamins don’t have as big profit margins as certain drugs. But they are safer. Why not just give vitamins to everyone first, and see if anything changes? If there is any problem in the brain, then it does seem more likely that things like micronutrients (magnesium, choline, pantothenate, folate, ascorbate) can restore “balance” in the brain, rather than substances like paroxetine and fluoxetine. I would require psychiatrists to prove that there is no nutritional deficiency in a person before resorting to psychiatric drugs. At the very least, they should check with a blood test.

  7. When all these deaths of children and adults happen on an unprecedented occurrence, and, the media are alive with the sounds of it, still, and we happened to have swallowed, Seroxat, and maybe lived to tell the tale, and, a lawyer screwed up his opportunity, with GlaxoSmithKline, and, all we do is read this stuff……


    The Mental Illness Ghetto

    Better to die on your feet than live on your knees….keep shouting..he said..

    Work in Progress…

  8. Talking about Scotland – Dr Peter Gordon, psychiatrist from Bridge of Allan, has a fascinating blog which covers much of Scottish culture, and he has petitioned the Scottish Government for a Sunshine Act. His requests for transparency within medical care in Scotland have resulted in the NHS Director General’s office as suggesting that he is ‘unwell’.

    Very worrying, not least for Peter – shades of the Soviet gulag’s response to anyone questioning the ‘establishment’. Let us not suffer this kind of intimidation – please have a look at Peter’s blog:

    And if you feel sufficiently motivated, write a letter to his employer about bullying in the workplace. So few doctors are willing to make a stand over these issues, we cannot afford for someone like Peter to be silenced.

    Walter K.

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