Petra’s Story: Cymbalta

February, 17, 2012 | 4 Comments


  1. ‘Grief’ is why pharmaceutical companies make billions of bucks out of providing anti-depressant medication.
    The very term ‘anti-depressant’ is one conjured up to procure billions in revenue and is a ridiculous and dangerous expression. All this serotonin imbalance nonsense which has taken in the public, doctors, pyschiatrists, mhra, et al, in.

    I would love to know who created the term ‘anti-depressant’, because whoever it was has brought us all to our knees. What a scoop for psychiatrists to enter someone’s life a pill prescriber.

    To me, all psychiatrists are now a complete conjuring act on society and it is so wrong, so dangerous, and so absurd, that I think the whole profession should be immensely ashamed of itself.

    They are playing with fire and psychiatrists who were educated to sort out people’s minds, should do so and not take the quick and absurd, mind bending pill prescribing culture to it’s zenith.

    Ok, for severe cases of mental illness, pills are important, but for the public at large to be taken in so is an affront to decency.

    This is the biggest con in the history of our society.

    We, as takers of these drugs, who cannot get off them because we are addicted, are seriously alarmed and frightened and aghast.

    The whole anti-depressant culture is a placebo which works. But, get off them, no chance.

  2. From anecdotal evidence on my peer support site for antidepressant withdrawal, it seems that for some people Cymbalta is very, very difficult to taper. It may rival Paxil and Effexor in that regard.

    Severe Cymbalta withdrawal syndrome also seems to include an unusual withdrawal symptom that mimics a chronic pain syndrome.

    • There have been a huge number of comments to the site following this and other posts of which dependence and withdrawal problems on antidepressants, mood stabilizers and other non-psychiatric drugs have been the most common. When RxISK is up and running it will offer support on these issues.

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