I Am the Alpha and the Omicron

January, 5, 2022 | 52 Comments


  1. The Sirs and Dames have had their egos boosted over Xmas but are still ramping up fear and disapproval verging on in the british way ,politely expressed anger/hatred of people who Just Won’t Do As They Are Told
    and get ‘your’ booster- this is now on the front of Whitty’s podium -like parents say to their stubborn children ‘go to your room’ this lot would prefer ‘get to an island’ or you will be locked in until you DO WHAT WE TELL YOU More bullying will probably lead to more people giving in but is also over time leading to more people in positions of access to the media speaking out about the way science is/has been corrupted but also the growing fascism being revealed which exists in some areas of life below the surface which has an impact on not just those who have a forum for speaking out publicly but those in communities who are keeping quiet where there is no support but also being hassled with texts and phone calls to get vaccinated . Big brothers and sister ‘fact checkers’ are also hassling little people by blocking access to information and even having e mails monitored. It s not egotistical to be assuming this when it happens only in relation to sited ‘they’ consider ‘we’ shouldn;t access. My computer was scrambled to point of being unusable. F C’s (read F.C’s how you like)you owe me the cost of a new one.

    Also in Thebmj today

    The fact checker’s response to The BMJ open letter to Facebook
    Re: Covid-19: Researcher blows the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizer’s vaccine trial Paul D Thacker. 375:doi 10.1136/bmj.n2635
    Dear Editor

    Fact checker for Facebook, Dean Miller from Lead Stories, opines that the title of Paul Thacker’s BMJ article: “Covid-19: Researcher blows the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizer’s vaccine trial” [1] is misleading [2]. He also says that many anti-vaccine activists have used it as “proof” that the entire clinical trial was fraudulent and the vaccine unsafe [2].

    However, the headline is factual and abuse by others cannot justify Facebook’s censorship. Moreover, it is not the task of fact checkers to police informative titles. Thacker’s article clearly explains that the data integrity issues concern only three of the 153 test sites. More importantly, Miller does not consider what this might mean for the other 150 trial sites. It takes a lot of courage to step forward publicly, and it carries a huge cost, as the whistleblower will never get a job in the drug industry again. People are therefore not likely to blow the whistle.

    Facebook’s “Missing Context” label was also unjustified. Nothing in Thacker’s article can mislead “without additional context.”

    Miller attempts character assassination by saying that the whistleblower, Brook Jackson, “is not a lab-coated scientist” and “holds a 30-hour certification in auditing techniques.” What matters is that she provided clear evidence of wrong-doing committed by the company. Moreover, she had more than 15 years’ experience in clinical research coordination and management.

    Miller also uses the trick guilt by association when noting that Jackson tweeted something that agreed with what a “leading COVID misinformation-spreader” had written. He believes she is hugely biased because she wrote that vaccination makes sense if a person is in a high-risk category. But it is perfectly reasonable to suggest that people in a low-risk category, e.g. children, do not need to get vaccinated, which I have done based on the evidence [3]. Furthermore, whatever Jackson’s views of the COVID vaccines are, they are irrelevant.

    Miller talked to people with vested interests and then concluded that “It’s not at all clear yet whether there are data integrity issues if you ask the other stakeholders, and that’s the crucial missing context.” This is utter nonsense, as it cannot annul the clear evidence produced by Jackson, which she shared with the BMJ.

    Miller opines that the problems were not ignored, which is not true either. The company ignored them; the FDA ignored them; and the FDA did not even inspect the three trial sites after Jackson had informed the agency about the problems.

    The only honourable thing to do would have been for Miller to admit he was wrong and to remove the flagging of Thacker’s article. Instead, he demonstrated to the whole world that he and Lead Stories cannot be trusted.

    There are numerous other stories about busybody fact checkers, and they raise a pertinent question. Facebook and other social media get a large part of their income from advertisements. Could this be the reason why Lead Stories seems so unreasonable when it comes to vaccines?

    The social media and their fact checkers appear to be a threat for our democracies, open societies, and free scientific debate. There was a Ministry for Truth in Orwell’s novel, 1984. But today, it is not only Big Brother is watching you, it has come close to everyone is watching everyone, and Big Brother is not the State but Big Tech, which cannot be overthrown by a revolution.

    The social media have become monsters and we do not yet know how best to fight them. They remind me of the Inquisition. Only one opinion is allowed at a time when it comes to vaccines, which is the official one.

  2. , leaders of the ‘civilised world’
    Mr Macron says he wants to limit “as much as possible” access to activities for the unvaccinated
    French President Emmanuel Macron has been accused of using divisive, vulgar language after he used a slang term to say he wanted to make life difficult for unvaccinated people.
    “I really want to piss them off, and we’ll carry on doing this – to the end,” he told Le Parisien newspaper.

    Trudeau in Canada says in public that unvaccinated people are akin to misogyinists and racists

    Austrian leader is going to ‘squeeze them’

  3. Opinion

    I am struggling to understand why patients decide not to get the covid vaccine

    I am struggling to understand why patients decide to get antidepressants – based on the spurious lack of empirical evidence re side-effects offered by a misinformed GP – stalwart and fixated –

    John Read

    Should GPs be promoting antidepressants?


    Head To Head

    Should doctors recommend treatments and antidepressants when full data are bit not publicly available?

    GP Ellie Cannon answers this question as only a GP does , when John Read puts forward important evidence that fails to register…

    This Complete Failing to Register is The Complete Failing of Medical Literacy

    “I am a Doctor and I am on an Antidepressants” as if that Makes The World Go Round

    Totally nonplussed, as John sounded, with a fair degree of irritation…


    Replying to @PloederlM and @ReadReadj

    Get vaccinated — yes, you!

    It took a hell of a lot of campaigning by people outside of #psychiatry!!!!

  4. Thanks for posting this.You could have added that the primary endpoint (covid infection of any severity) cannot be believed because the trial protocols blatantly instructed clinicians to break the blind and systematically undercount cases in the treatment arm.

    Here’s the language from the Moderna protocol:

    “It is important to note that some of the symptoms of COVID-19 overlap with solicited systemic ARs that are expected after vaccination with mRNA-1273 (eg, myalgia, headache, fever, and chills). During the first 7 days after vaccination, when these solicited ARs are common, Investigators should use their clinical judgement to decide if an NP swab should be collected.”


    Here’s the language from the Pfizer protocol:

    “During the 7 days following each vaccination, potential COVID-9 symptoms that overlap with solicited systemic events (i.e., fever, chills, new or increased muscle pain, diarrhea, vomiting) should not trigger a potential COVID-19 illness visit unless, in the investigator’s opinion, the clinical picture is more indicative of a possible COVID-19 illness than vaccine reactogenicity.”

    Here’s the link to the Pfizer protocol copied and pasted from Dr. Doshi’s 26 November 2020 article in BMJ:


    Unfortunately, the link is broken. I wonder why?

  5. The misuse of ‘science’ has had a massive impact on the way authoritarian social policies have been enabled to be introduced. Massive march through Berlin against nazi style proposals in Germany yesterday…some people are leaving while they still can. some countries have stated that public health records will be trawled to identify members of the public who haven’t been vaccinated And sadly predictably there are accounts of suicides trickling out as a result of the vile divisive threats being generated by politicians with the help of the media . Covid has certainly provided yet another opportunity to watch how populations can be controlled and resistance countered not by dialogue but ever expanding force , backed to a large extent by the trashing of laws and rights overnight and corrupt use of claims to be backed by ‘science’
    January 6, 2022
    Last Updated 10 hours ago
    Italy extends COVID vaccine mandate to everyone over 50
    By Angelo Amante and Giuseppe Fonte, Gavin Jones

    ROME, Jan 5 (Reuters) – Italy on Wednesday made COVID-19 vaccination mandatory for people from the age of 50, one of very few European countries to take a similar steps, in an attempt to ease pressure on its health service and reduce fatalities.

    The measure is immediately effective and will run until June 15.

    Ministers from the right-wing League issued a statement distancing themselves from the over-50 vaccine rule, calling it “without scientific foundation, considering that the absolute majority of those hospitalised with Covid are well over 60.”

    Elsewhere in Europe, Austria has announced plans to make vaccination mandatory for those over 14 years old from next month, while in Greece it will be compulsory for over-60s from Jan 16.

  6. I am flabbergasted that some in the Critical Psychiatry community have swallowed hook line and sinker the propaganda disseminated by our Covid Lords, on vaccines and other matters as well. All of the dirty tricks I have become familiar with in covering the antics of the psychopharmaceutical industry are on display here:

    1. Arguing from authority

    2. Hiding data

    3. Confusing a statistically significant result with a clinically relevant one

    4. Talking about relative risk when they should be talking about absolute risk

    5. Conflating the effects of an intervention with the effects of the underlying condition it is purported to treat

    6. Smearing their opponents as Know-Nothings (with Q-Anon standing in for Scientology).

    Have I missed anything here?

    • “I am flabbergasted that some in the Critical Psychiatry community have swallowed hook line and sinker the propaganda disseminated by our Covid Lords, on vaccines and other matters as well.”

      They see the opportunity for control ala Donald Ewen Cameron

      “Cameron held to a now familiar position — our best hope for a new world order and without hysteria, one without the totalitarianism of either the right or left, lies in science. With behavioural scientists as leaders, order would emerge from chaos.”

      The antipsychiatry lot on MiA were correct about them all along

      Only see Breggin who is really on it.

  7. I don’t think Hitler would been an anti-vaxxer at all, by the end he was taking dozens of different drugs/medications and Nazi Germany was actually very pro-active in trying to get Germans to stop smoking (Hitler thought it made you weak).

  8. A little bit of British…

    There’s a famous story about the 11th-century King Canute of England, in which in front of his courtiers he commanded the tides to stop—and yet they kept on rolling. This likely apocryphal anecdote is generally misrepresented as illustrating the monarch’s presumptuous folly in thinking his writ could control the elements, but in fact it proved exactly the opposite: there are some things beyond the powers of secular authority, Nature among them.


    Dr. Robert Malone, After Twitter Ban, Has ‘No Choice but to Carry On’

    Malone said due to his publicly vocal opposition to COVID-19 vaccine requirements and mandatory vaccinations in children, he and Dr. Peter McCullough—a cardiologist who recently argued that COVID-19 vaccine mandates should be repealed—have been “shut down, attacked, [and] had purposeful attacks” against their medical licenses or freedom to practice medicine.


    Twitter, meanwhile, has increasingly started to issue suspensions more accounts for what it says are violations of its policies on COVID-19. Over the past weekend, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) wrote on Gettr that her personal campaign account was permanently suspended by the San Francisco-based social media firm for also allegedly violating its terms and conditions.

    PM attacks anti-vax ‘mumbo jumbo’ …

    “Forget the Canute model. Fauci’s heading toward his final incarnation as the second coming of the Emperor Nero. And you know how well that ended, both for Nero and for Rome.” …

  9. ‘Paramount importance’: Judge orders FDA to hasten release of Pfizer vaccine docs


    Jan 7 – Score one for transparency.

    A federal judge in Texas on Thursday ordered the Food and Drug Administration to make public the data it relied on to license Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, imposing a dramatically accelerated schedule that should result in the release of all information within about eight months.

    That’s roughly 75 years and four months faster than the FDA said it could take to complete a Freedom of Information Act request by a group of doctors and scientists seeking an estimated 450,000 pages of material about the vaccine.

    The court “concludes that this FOIA request is of paramount public importance,” wrote U.S. District Judge Mark Pittman in Fort Worth, who was appointed to the bench by former President Donald Trump in 2019.

    The FDA didn’t dispute it had an obligation to make the information public but argued that its short-staffed FOIA office only had the bandwidth to review and release 500 pages a month.

    While Pittman recognized “the ‘unduly burdensome’ challenges that this FOIA request may present to the FDA,” in his four-page order, he resoundingly rejected the agency’s suggested schedule.

    Rather than producing 500 pages a month — the FDA’s proposed timeline — he ordered the agency to turn over 55,000 a month. That means all the Pfizer vaccine data should be public by the end of the summer rather than, say, the year 2097.

    Even if the FDA may not see it this way, I think Pittman did the agency — and the country — a big favor by expediting the document production.

    I’ve been chronicling this fight since November and have heard from of readers who said they felt something was suspicious, even nefarious, in the FDA’s proposed slo-mo timeline. Making the information public as soon as possible may help assuage the concerns of vaccine skeptics and convince them the product is safe.

    Pittman in his order nodded to this as well, including a quote from the late senator John McCain, who said that excessive administrative secrecy “feeds conspiracy theories and reduces the public’s confidence in the government.”

    Still, the FDA is likely to be hard-pressed to process 55,000 pages a month.
    The office that reviews FOIA requests has just 10 employees, according to a declaration filed with the court by Suzann Burk, who heads the FDA’s Division of Disclosure and Oversight Management. Burk said it takes eight minutes a page for a worker “to perform a careful line-by-line, word-by-word review of all responsive records before producing them in response to a FOIA request.”

    At that rate, the 10 employees would have to work non-stop 24 hours a day, seven days a week to produce the 55,000 pages a month (and would still fall a bit short).
    But as lawyers for the plaintiffs Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency pointed out in court papers, the FDA as of 2020 had 18,062 employees. Surely some can be dispatched to pitch in at the FOIA office.

    Aaron Siri of Siri & Glimstad, who represents the plaintiffs, in an email said the decision “came down on the side of transparency and accountability.”

    His clients — a group that includes more than 200 doctors, scientists, professors and public health professionals, including some who have publicly questioned the efficacy of lockdown policies, mask mandates and the vaccine itself — have pledged to publish all the information they receive from the FDA on their website.

    • Decided I would just ask the MHRA

      to Pharmacovigilanceservice

      Also FAO June Raine please

      To MHRA

      In the light of the enclosed can you let me know if MHRA proposes to
      take any action to inform the public when the information as enclosed
      resulting from the FOIA becomes
      public. Especially usefull would be to include this information on
      public Covid broadcasts . I do understand that MHRA is the UK

      ‘Paramount importance’: Judge orders FDA to hasten release of Pfizer
      vaccine docs | Reuters

      Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency – Public
      Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency

      Thank you
      with regards

      > Thank you for your email.
      > The Pharmacovigilance Service Team will aim to provide a response to your query within seven working days – however where a contribution from a specialist is required this may take longer; we endeavour to respond to all requests within ten working days.

    • Epidemiology expert Prof Tom Jefferson, agreed.

      By Maryanne Demasi, PhD


      “I think it’s a huge step towards opening up the FDA. This is not just about the transparency of the Pfizer data, but other vaccines, that eventually, will become fully licensed,” said Prof Jefferson who is also a member of the plaintiff.

      “But, we need resources to have qualified people and supervised PhD students, who can index and curate the information so that a thorough analysis can be carried out by experts who understand regulatory data,” said Prof Jefferson. 

      “I am concerned that the random release of documents might result in people data-mining to look for a smoking gun and take information out of context,” he added.

      Devil in the detail

      As the Pfizer documents are released, the FDA will have redacted information that it decides is not for public consumption.

      Prof Jefferson says the FDA might redact blocks of important information, to the point where it becomes meaningless, so the devil will be in the detail.

      “If the FDA redacts important information like batch numbers, then it will be difficult to identify which participants were potentially harmed or benefited most, by a particular batch of vaccines,” said Prof Jefferson.

      “Or they might redact participant’s ID numbers making it hard to track how many adverse events that person experienced because each adverse event would be recorded separately.” 

      When asked if there was legal solution to inappropriate redactions made by the FDA, Mr Siri said, “If the FDA make any improper redactions, we intend to challenge those in court.”  

    • Robert Malone is being attacked by pharma’s “the virus doesn’t exist” propaganda marketing group aimed at discrediting Malone among the luddite skeptics.

      Moderate covid has the unique symptom of silent hypoxia, where someone’s pO2 levels can be low, but they can function and don’t have severe dyspnea. Then there is the unique lab result conformation of elevated D-dimer, elevated neutrophils, and tanking platelets alongside ground glass opacities on the edges of lung scans which you don’t see with influenza. Covid is a coagulopathic disease, primarily, while influenza is a respiratory disease, primarily. Covid infects initially in the upper respiratory tract, but does most of the damage in the vascular system. (Someone please correct me if I am mistaken about any of this.)

      SARS-COV-2 can be cultured in Vero cells and detected at lower multiplication rates than was true in the original sample, proving that the virus has multiplied.

      Virologists (outside of China and Russia) have never isolated SARS-COV-2 and physicists have never isolated an electron. Somehow both manage to accomplish technological feats anyway.

        • Can these supposedly-trapped electrons be put into a vaccine?

          How did the physicists know that an electron was trapped? Was it somehow visible? Or was there a whole lot of assumption and conjecture that an electronic signal was due to a single electron?

          I am convinced that physicists have acquired a great deal of knowledge about electrons without being able to see them and merely observing their effects.

      • “Robert Malone is being attacked by pharma’s “the virus doesn’t exist” propaganda marketing group aimed at discrediting Malone among the luddite skeptics.”

        Robert Malone has significant conflict of interest in helping to develop another ‘vaccine’ in India.

  10. This was another wonderful article by a brave author. Please bear with me. There were a couple of major points which the author might have addressed in the article.

    First, the question of unvaccinated statistics needed to be addressed. If someone is vaccinated and contracts covid within two weeks of vaccination and dies, that death is counted as an unvaccinated death, because the definition of “unvaccinated” is anyone who isn’t fully vaccinated, having fulfilled the two-week waiting period after vaccination. It is worth noting that vaccinations decrease vitamin D and zinc levels, making people more susceptible to severe disease until those levels rebound. One might expect the CDC and NHS to give guidance about supplementing with vitamin D and zinc immediately following a vaccination, but, near as I can tell, one would be disappointed.

    Second, the question of guidance in investigating covid vaccine deaths has yet to be addressed by the CDC and NHS–I have been unable to find any such guidance. Maybe I am deaf or stupid when I listen for guidance, but all I hear is crickets chirping. If one were sincerely looking for the public health good, one would be certain that covid vaccine deaths were not missed, which requires some understanding of how to go about ruling out covid vaccines as the cause of death, which would seem to imply some guidance from public health authorities. Arne Burkhardt has published guidance for pathologists/coroners about how to investigate covid vaccines as a possible cause of death.

    Surely pharma has autopsy data from animal model studies of covid vaccines which might be used to provide guidance in how to do autopsies on humans.

  11. Fascinating interview Tweet
    See new Tweets
    GB News
    ‘As a professional scientist it’s been absolutely obvious to me – by May 2020 – it’s nothing like you’ve been told.’

    Dr Mike Yeadon alleges the public have been lied to by the government over Covid-19.

    📺 Freeview 236, Sky 515, Virgin 626
    0:01 / 2:26

  12. Fascinating , long detailed interview on GBNews Tweet with Mike Yeadon ex Pfizer executive . On video if anyone can add a link
    See new Tweets
    GB News
    ‘As a professional scientist it’s been absolutely obvious to me – by May 2020 – it’s nothing like you’ve been told.’

    Dr Mike Yeadon alleges the public have been lied to by the government over Covid-19. He says he has the data and gave references to back up his claims

    📺 Freeview 236, Sky 515, Virgin 626
    0:01 / 2:26

  13. Am i really missing the point here. Aren’t vaccinations given to create anti bodies and cell immunity to fight off disease by introducing a small amount of that disease into your body?.

    Every medicine has its risks, just like every operation and medical procedure.

    Physicians have learnt enough about the human body to create the science behind these drugs.

    Does it mean that because a minority are damaged then the majority don’t count?

    Isn’t medicine all about pros and cons?

    Should we stop vaccinating babies now?


    What should not be done is to give old people these vaccinations. They are the age group who have a deteriorating immune system and cannot create the anti bodies necessary in order to fight off the disease that vaccinations introduce into their bodies. Therefore they die.

    There has never been any science behind psychiatric illnesses and i don’t even believe there is such a thing. I believe that there is the condition of madness which is caused by trauma and childhood sexual trauma in particular. It stems from families and the family history and network. There is no such thing as a chemical imbalance of the brain and therefore the only way psychiatric drugs work is by sedating people and numbing the brain function.

    Waying up the pros and cons everyone is different and everybody has different bodies and every body changes every 7 years.

    In my personal experience of 45 years of taking psychiatric drugs they alter brain function and moods and neurotransmitters and brain chemicals that go on to create the very symptoms in some people that psychiatrists say are ongoing illnesses.

    Normal people’s brains can be affected that way and those that don’t have madness and psychotic episodes go onto having them while on these drugs and when withdrawing off them to experience it.

    The way neuroleptics help people is by working on their sleeping patterns and circadian rythms. Sleep and dreaming is still virgin territory and so much is needed to be learned about this subject and how our bodies heal during the sleeping process.

    Dr Healy is so right when he says that most people suffering breakdowns go on to naturally recover.

    Others through childhood abuse and sexual repression and any traumatizing experience go on to develop the phenomena madness. How can a doctor once his patient is prescribed a psychiatric drug which alters brain functioning diagnose what is the drug or what is the patient?

    Diagnosis and right diagnosis is the only way forward and for scientists to create a harmless psychiatric drug that sedates people without damaging or effecting their brain functions. Where i ask is the profit in actually improving people’s health? Does that mean that all medicine is to be avoided? I think the con about mental illnesses and diseases really has to be abolished because there is no such thing. There is the phenomena of normal reactions to childhood sexual abuse and abandonment and family structures and repressed sexuality in adults. Any traumatising experience at any time of life can bring on emotional breakdown but the walking wounded are not suffering from madness. Madness is a different phenomena altogether and it has not an isolated genetic cause. Personality traits and memory does.

    More reserearch should be placed into sleep and why we sleep and what happens to our bodies when we are in slumber.

    That’s the only way forward.

    No medicine should ever be forced on people whether they are of capacity or not or are a vulnerable child where there isn’t 100% scientific evidence proven that a drug is safe for the majority of people. The majority count.

    • “In my personal experience of 45 years of taking psychiatric drugs they alter brain function and moods and neurotransmitters and brain chemicals that go on to create the very symptoms in some people that psychiatrists say are ongoing illnesses.”

      Yep. I would say a new psychiatrists fist time of prescribing neuroleptics in a psych hell hole, it will take one week – the next time they see the newbie patients – each and every one will tell them they want off the drug… they can’t stand it, it’s a vile, disgusting experience and a family member will say the same. It says something that psychiatry has got away with this abusive destruction for so long. Those who have any real empathy get out fast.

      • “It is important no other patient suffers the abject psychological torture and cruelty he inflicted on Sally when she was begging for help.

        ‘He afforded her no care, compassion, kindness or human dignity.

        ‘The sanction imposed by the NMC sends out a very important message about the standards of practice required of mental health professionals.”


        This is not the exception, abuse by so called MH care professionals in the UK is the norm, indeed psychiatry see’s this abuse as ‘treatment’ and this includes the very architecture. We do not just need people struck off – people need to be prosecuted. This evil and the history whence it came has been kept from the general public; they would be shocked to see the state people are in after being drugged, the calious neglect and attitude. I don’t know if she had akathisia, a good bet she had and the attitude here made public, again, is the norm.

  14. What Makes Some People More Vulnerable to Covid-19?

    The “COVID Chronicles” movie gives a concise look at the pandemic, answering some of the questions that have left many people scratching their heads, because the reality and science don’t seem to match up with what the media is reporting.


    People Injured by COVID-19 Vaccine Are Left in the Dark: Agricultural Pilot


    ‘Think Twice Before You Vaccinate Your Kids,’ Dr. Robert Malone Warns Parents on COVID-19 Shots


    Doctors and scientists urge caution in giving Covid jabs to ‘low risk’ children


    More than thirty doctors, scientists and MP’s have signed a joint letter to the government’s vaccine watchdog urging it to “reassess” the Covid vaccine rollout for healthy 12-15 year olds following new data showing potentially serious harms of the jab are likely to outweigh any potential benefits.

    The letter has been signed by 12 scientists, medical experts and 21 peers and MPs including the former president of the Royal College of General Practitioners, a former government vaccine advisor, paediatricians and experts in infectious disease as well as 21 politicians and peers. 

    It argues the risk benefit calculations made by the JCVI and the Chief Medical Officer were based on “less than complete data on both the harms and the benefits of vaccinating children compared to the evidence now available.”

    It cites new evidence showing the risk of myocarditis in young men and boys is up to 14 times higher after vaccination than after infection. 

    And it states that given the high level of naturally acquired immunity from infection as well as the replacement of the Delta variant by milder Omicron, “it’s crucial that, if we are to proceed with the mass double vaccination of healthy children, we are absolutely certain this policy will do more good than harm.”

    It states that the justification for vaccinating children was to provide “marginal benefits” of reducing time spent out of school due to covid infection but it cites new data showing that vaccines are no longer effective at preventing infection with Omicron. 

    And it concludes: “We urge the JCVI to review this new evidence and provide updated advice to the Government with regards to the mass vaccination of healthy 12-15 year olds.” 

    Signatory Professor Brent Taylor, Professor Emeritus of Community Child Health, UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health, and former JCVI member said: “The JCVI made a very sensible and laudable recommendation when it advised the Government last September against the mass vaccination of healthy children against Covid-19. The Committee was rightly concerned about the unknown potential harms of the new vaccines, in particular myocarditis. 

    “Since the unfathomable decision of the CMO to go against that advice, second doses are now being offered to children despite further evidence of the potential harm of myocarditis, most worryingly the frequency, especially following the second dose. The latest CDC data reports elevated rates of post-vaccination myocarditis for boys aged 12-15, 2.5-24 times higher in the seven days after first dose and 24-228 times higher in the seven days after second dose. 

    “So, whilst the absolute risks are still low they cannot be described as trivial and the absolute risk from Covid-19 to healthy children is negligible. Additionally, the vaccines stop neither infection nor transmission and many children will have broad and robust natural immunity following infection. I’m afraid the mass vaccination of healthy children is not based on sound evidence. It is time for the JCVI, the CMO and the Government to reassess all the evidence now available and alter its recommendation accordingly.”

  15. Let’s look at some choices, aside from vaccine hesitancy, that potentially risk the health of others:

    Here in the US authorities have chosen to let junk food distributors keep stocks of fresh chips, pop, and candy in vending machines at most if not all hospitals and doctor offices, (as well as public schools).

    The surgery waiting room at Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati has multiple vending machines full of junk with a sign hanging above that says, “Our patients health is our business – please smoke outside.”

    Children’s Hospital has chosen to include a full food court with the same fast food joints you might be missing on the outside if you’re unfortunate enough to be cooped up there with your sick child.

    And let’s not even get started with what’s on hospital menus.

    In addition to its vending machines, The Urology Group at Mercy West always has a fresh supply of candy bars for sale at their check out counter to raise money for prostate cancer research.

    If you’ve ever attended a Relay for Life or other cancer charity event you were likely exposed to a massive amount of cakes, cookies, chips, soda, etc. (Gotta keep your energy up while walking around the track – God forbid they let you lose half an ounce).

    If you’ve prepped for a colonoscopy you might recall that almost everything you’re limited to having the day before contains quite a bit of sugar, as if you couldn’t live without it. After the procedure is done the doctor might suggest you take fiber gummies, with the nurse reiterating how yummy they are because she takes them too!

    This from a healthcare CULTURE that sets a standard for the wider culture (no pun intended), one that absolutely affects the health of others, essentially telling anyone wanting to down a bag of cookies, a jumbo candy bar, or a 16 oz soda, “knock yourself out.”

    (And then when you ARE knocked out on the operating table and you happen to be obese, they condescendingly call you things like a beached whale).

    The American healthcare system that CHOOSES all of this now has Joe Biden barking at the vaccine hesitant as if we are unruly 5-year-olds, “GET VAC-CIN-A-TED!”

    They CHOOSE not to reiterate that the number one comorbidity for a poor covid outcome is obesity.


    They CHOOSE not to popularize the many studies indicating a substantial protective benefit from supplementing with vitamin D.


    They CHOOSE not to do a great many things… because their priority is… selling shit. We see who it really is risking the health of many.

    • Laurie, thank you for taking us through this fiasco of modern day life in such an effective, accessible way. It is most refreshing but, far more importantly, so, so true.
      Here in the UK , we are up to our necks in the ” one rule for them and another for us” scenario once again, with more talks of parties than most of us have ever been invited to when invitations were allowed! We now have to wait – wait to see how they can wriggle out of yet another situation which would have absolutely no wiggle room for any beyond their ‘untouchable status’; wait to see if we’re all so dim that we’ll forget about it in a week or two; wait as we listen to all their ‘backers’ telling us that there are more important issues facing us now, just forget about the irrelevance of joyful gatherings of the “hard working” who can’t go home without booze and biscuits to send them on their way. Yes, as you can probably see, I’m fed up of it and that’s where I was at when I came upon Laurie’s comment.
      What a breath of fresh air to find someone who has thrown the Covid story wide open and shown us that, actually, should we REALLY have expected any different strategy. It’s been going on around us for so long that we almost fail to register the anomaly. TRUTH today, it seems, comes in written messages for the many, but provision for applying the ‘truth’ is nowhere to be seen.
      Thank you Laurie for opening our minds to the REAL TRUTH which awaits our undivided attention – which is? DO AS I SAY but DEFINITELY NOT as I do which seems so applicable at the moment.

  16. Brendan Wren is a professor of vaccinology at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

    PROFESSOR BRENDAN WREN: When this pandemic ends, the dodgy data and flawed forecasts of the doom-mongers may emerge as the greatest scandal of all


    Openness is an aid to public understanding and, in fact, there is plenty of good news on our progress against the virus. But it has been crowded out by wilfully concocted pessimism, cynically used to wield control.

    When the pandemic is finally over and independent inquiries are launched, the fear-mongering at the heart of the public health establishment may well emerge as the greatest scandal of all.

    The Liberty of Choice

    As I’ve been warning since 2020, it makes society nasty and inward looking – millions of paranoid residents now suspiciously regard international arrivals, even those with Australian passports – even sometimes their own relatives – as plague rats, determined to spread ‘deadly’ Covid Down Under.


    Scotland Defers Fertility Treatment for Unvaccinated Women


    The agency published an update in May 2019 urging people to diligently report suspected adverse drug reactions after a fall in reporting, saying it was estimated that only 10 percent of serious reactions and between two and four percent of non-serious reactions were reported.

    But it said the estimate “should not be used as indicators of the reporting rate for COVID-19 vaccines, for which there is high public awareness of the Yellow Card scheme and the reporting of suspected reactions.”

  17. Tweet
    See new Tweets
    Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice UK
    We have today written to
    response to the news of the events of 20 May 2020.

    A full copy of our letter is below.
    2:32 pm · 11 Jan 2022·Twitter for Android


    Pfizer’s CEO says it’ll be ready in March, but Dr. Fauci thinks the vaccines we’ve got now are just fine.


    Omicron is really making the rounds right now. Sure, this variant seems milder, but none of us want to spend our precious time and energy fighting it off. Some of the people getting sick from COVID recently have been vaxxed and boosted, which has made some of us a little nervous about how effective the vaccines are. Don’t worry though, because the CEO of Pfizer says that an omicron-specific vaccine will be ready by March. Cool, but do we really need it if the current boosters are supposed to protect us from variants?

    On Monday, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla told CNBC that the company is trying to get an omicron-specific vaccine out ASAP. Apparently, these vaccines are already being manufactured for at-risk populations. Bourla told CNBC that the vaccines would be ready by March. This variant specific booster is necessary, Bourla claims, because we aren’t sure how long the OG Pfizer booster will fight omicron. “The question …is how long that protection lasts with the third dose,” Bourla said.

    Obviously, we can’t know how long the boosters will protect us, but Bourla himself has been telling us for months that the boosters will keep us safe. “Ensuring as many people as possible are fully vaccinated with the first two dose series and a booster remains the best course of action to prevent the spread of COVID-19,” Bourla told CNBC in December.
    To be fair, he did say then that he thought we eventually might need a fourth dose, but he seemed adamant that three shots was enough for now, and that was only a month ago.

    While it is true that science changes fast, a lot of experts don’t think we actually need a variant-specific vaccine. Last month, Anthony Fauci said that he didn’t think more targeted vaccines were necessary. “Our booster vaccine regimens work against omicron. At this point there is no need for a variant-specific booster,” Fauci said at a press briefing on December 15th.

    The unprecedented surges in infection rates lately may have some clamoring for new kinds of vaccine protection, but the reality is that it may be too late to curb the spread of omicron.
    If many experts are correct, omicron is peaking right about now and could be abating by March, which begs the question of why Pfizer is suddenly pushing this fourth jab so hard.

    Human rights organizations have long criticized Pfizer’s blatantly profit-driven agenda because they have really been cashing in on this pandemic. For its part, Pfizer says that it could have 50-100 million doses of the omicron vaccine ready by spring. In the past, the U.S. government has paid upwards of $3 billion for 100 million doses. All told, the COVID-19 vaccines are set to become one of the most lucrative pharmaceutical products in history. Pfizer alone has reaped millions from vaccines. In the first quarter of 2021, Pfizer made over $3.5 billion — with a B — in revenue, and all these new shots could be another major boost for the company.

    Our Anjalee Khemlani is here with us and with a special guest, Albert Bourla, who is the CEO of Pfizer. Anjalee, take it away.


    So– and we know that the two doses of the vaccine offer very limited protection, if any.
    The three doses, with the booster, they offer reasonable protection against hospitalization and deaths– and, again, that’s, I think, very good– and less protection against the infection.

    Now, we are working on a new version of our vaccine– the 1.1, let me put it that way– 
    And so the virus will be here for many, many years. And we are lucky that we have pills and vaccines of high, high, high effectiveness so that we can control it and go back to normal lives, which is the given right now–

    • This may be something to do with mandates. More difficult to mandate something that is out of date – so you introduce the appearances of something that will work and the Courts agree to it being mandated


  19. Thursday, January 13, 2022
    The Conservative Woman
    HomeCOVID-19Cover-up, deception and our chief Covid advisers
    Cover-up, deception and our chief Covid advisers
    Neville Hodgkinson

    January 13, 2022
    Facebook Twitter WhatsApp Email

    MORE evidence of a damaging cover-up by top British and American scientists of the laboratory origin of the Covid-19 virus has emerged in emails released in the US under Freedom of Information laws.

    Sir Patrick Vallance, the UK Government’s chief scientific adviser, and Sir Jeremy Farrar, a former senior member of the advisory body Sage and boss of the powerful Wellcome Trust research fund, are among those mentioned.

    This Video May Soon Be Banned. Watch Before It’s Deleted

    The emails show that as far back as February 2, 2020, Farrar knew the SARS-CoV-2 virus was unlikely to have arisen naturally. He suggested to Dr Anthony Fauci, America’s ‘Covid czar’, that it may have evolved ‘accidentally’ from a SARS-like virus in human tissue in the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China.

    But he was told by Dr Francis Collins, then director of the US National Institutes of Health: ‘I share your view that a swift convening of experts in a confidence-inspiring framework is needed or the voicers of conspiracy will quickly dominate, doing great potential harm to science and international harmony.’ Dutch virologist Dr Ron Fouchier (who has subsequently claimed that the Covid pandemic proves the necessity for animal research) wrote that ‘further debate would do unnecessary harm to science in general and science in China in particular’.

    The following month Farrar was among 27 scientists who signed a letter published by the Lancet dismissing as ‘conspiracy theories’ claims that Covid-19 had a laboratory origin. The signatories included two other Wellcome scientists.

    Farrar has subsequently continued to claim that ‘the best scientific evidence available’ is that the virus crossed from animals to humans.

    The Lancet letter set back by more than a year official discussion around the lab origin of the pandemic – vital information for governments globally in deciding how best to respond.

    Farrar was also involved in initiating a World Health Organisation inquiry, subsequently dismissed as a ‘whitewash’, which cleared the Wuhan lab of involvement. He wrote to Collins and Fauci on February 5, 2020:

    Francis and Tony

    Couple of things

    *I spoke again with WHO this morning. I believe they have listened and acted. Let me know if you agree.

    At the WHO meeting next week they will set up the Group who will ‘look at the origins and evolution of 2019n-Cov’

    They have asked for names to sit on that Group – please do send any names

    We can have a call this week with a core group of that to frame the work of the Group including – if you could join?

    I think this puts it under the umbrella of WHO, with action this week and into next

    With names to be put forward into the Group from us and pressure on this group from you and our teams next week.

    *The team will update the draft today and I will forward immediately – they will add further comments on the glycans

    Does that sound reasonable to you?


    (‘Glycans’ is a reference to glycosylation, a key feature of the genetic modification that made a bat virus capable of infecting human cells.)

    The email followed an urgent February 1 teleconference, involving both Vallance and Farrar, called to discuss how to respond after WHO declared Covid a global health emergency on the previous day.

    Farrar issued a note warning that ‘information and discussion is shared in total confidence and not to be shared until agreement on next steps’. It went to Fauci and Vallance, copied to six others including Paul Schreier, chief operating officer at Wellcome.

    The call centred on a document entitled ‘Coronavirus sequence comparison’ and was triggered by a note from immunologist Kristian Anderson of the Scripps Research Institute in California saying that the virus had features which might make it look as if it had been genetically engineered.

    In addition, Fauci drew attention to a November 2015 article written by Ralph Baric, an immunologist based in the US and long-term recipient of funds from Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). The paper was described in the email as ‘Baric, Shi et al – Nature Medicine – SARS gain of function’. Shi Zhengli is the scientist who became known as ‘batwoman’ through her research into bat coronaviruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

    ‘Gain of function’ is the term used to describe laboratory modification of viruses to alter their transmissibility and infectivity. The US government banned such research in 2014 because of concerns about the dangers it could present to human health, such as we have seen with SARS-CoV-2.

    Fauci is alleged to have circumvented the ban by paying for work initiated in America to continue at the Wuhan institute.

    The case against him was further strengthened this week by the release of documents showing that in 2018 a US Defense Department agency refused to fund the same research on safety grounds. The documents also reveal concern over the suppression of potential treatments such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, and about the mRNA vaccines.

    The revelations of cover-up and deception at the highest level call into question whether the UK Government should continue to take advice from Farrar and Vallance over the handling of the pandemic response.

    If it had been known that research by US and Chinese scientists gave rise to the pandemic, would governments worldwide have put their trust in the lockdown and mass vaccination policies that have proved so damaging? Especially when promoted by scientists such as Fauci who were among those funding the research.

    Farrar, who was a member of Sage from the start of the pandemic, left the advisory body in October, saying he wanted to devote more time to the Wellcome Trust.

    As Paula Jardine has described in TCW Defending Freedom, even as the Wuhan lockdown was being imposed by the Chinese government as far back as January 23, 2020, Farrar appeared at a press conference convened at the World Economic Forum in Davos by the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), promoting the idea that dramatic interventions of social control might be the only way to control a pandemic pending the development of a vaccine.

    Vallance, the UK’s chief scientific adviser since March 2018, is former president of research and development at the pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmith Kline (GSK). It was announced last June that he is to oversee the new National Science and Technology Council ‘to put science and technology right at the heart of policymaking and strengthen the way we work across government to reinforce the position of the UK as a science superpower’.

  20. Say goodbye to J V D he’s off back to Southampton before any more scandals break out perhaps –

    the next thing dreamed up to to coerce people is already taking place in UK and elsewhere and introduced by
    companies such as Ikea, Morrisons , Next and increasingly others They will dock amounts of sick pay for unvaccinated employees who need time off work,
    Pushing people into poverty or prison is considered a moral action by now in the form of variously harsh ‘taxes’ eg the latest of many countries but won’t be the last is Canada
    Quebec Tax on Unvaccinated May Be Lawful but Sets Risky….
    …….https://www.usnews.com › News › World News

    In UK a new pill is being ramped up and Pfizer is fizzing.

    FDA authorizes Pfizer pill to treat Covid-19 in patients as young as 12
    Matthew Herper

    The Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday authorized Paxlovid, a pill developed and made by Pfizer, as a treatment for Covid-19, a significant step in the battle against the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

    The drug was authorized for use in people as young as 12 so long as they weigh at least 88 pounds.

    The authorization of an oral antiviral to beat back Covid has been eagerly anticipated because such a medicine could reach large numbers of people infected with the virus and prevent them from becoming seriously ill or hospitalized. Existing medicines, such as monoclonal antibodies, must be given intravenously or as injections.

    Still, initial supplies of Paxlovid will be limited. Pfizer has said it expects to produce more than 180,000 courses of the treatment this year. The company said Wednesday it now expects to provide 120 million courses by the end of 2022, up from 80 million previously, thanks in part to new contract manufacturers. Pfizer has contracted with the U.S. government to provide 10 million courses by the end of 2022 at a cost of $5.29 billion.

    Related: A computational biologist weighs in on Omicron, the future of vaccines, and the CDC’s variant forecast
    “Today’s authorization introduces the first treatment for COVID-19 that is in the form of a pill that is taken orally — a major step forward in the fight against this global pandemic,” Patrizia Cavazzoni, director of the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, said in a statement. “This authorization provides a new tool to combat COVID-19 at a crucial time in the pandemic as new variants emerge and promises to make antiviral treatment more accessible to patients who are at high risk for progression to severe COVID-19.”

    The FDA emphasized that Paxlovid is not authorized to be given to prevent infection or right after an exposure, nor is it for those who already require hospitalization. It is also, the agency said, not a substitute for vaccination or a booster shot.

    Earlier this month, Pfizer released results of a study of its treatment in 2,246 Covid patients who were at high risk of developing more severe disease because of risk factors such as being over 65, overweight, or having cardiovascular disease. Patients were randomly assigned to receive a five-day course of either Paxlovid and a second drug, ritonavir, or a placebo. Among those who received Paxlovid within five days of developing symptoms, eight, or 0.8% of the total, were hospitalized. In the placebo group, 66, or 6.3%, were hospitalized. That meant overall Paxlovid reduced the risk of hospitalization by 89%. No patients who received Paxlovid died, compared to 12 who received placebo.

    Pfizer previously said that potential side effects occurred at similar rates whether patients received Paxlovid or placebo. There were fewer serious adverse events (1.6% versus 6.6%) among those who received Paxlovid, and patients were more likely to stop taking placebo than Paxlovid.

    The results from that study, and a second study in lower-risk patients, have not yet been published in medical journals.

    Developing new medicines can take decades, and the process is replete with failure. A 2016 report from the Biotechnology Industry Organization estimated that only 1 in 5 infectious disease drugs that start clinical trials reach patients. Yet Paxlovid, a drug specifically targeting the SARS-CoV-2 virus, was developed in less than two years.

    The effort began in March 2020, as Pfizer’s CEO, Albert Bourla, made a public declaration that the company was “committed to doing all we can to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic.”

    The team assigned to the effort included Annaliesa Anderson, chief scientist in Pfizer’s vaccine development group, and Charlotte Allerton, its head of medicine design. In four months, they had hundreds of potential medicines. By March 2021, Paxlovid was ready to begin testing in humans, and a few months later, efficacy testing began.

    “This breakthrough therapy, which has been shown to significantly reduce hospitalizations and deaths and can be taken at home, will change the way we treat Covid-19, and hopefully help reduce some of the significant pressures facing our health care and hospital systems,” Bourla said in a statement Wednesday.

    Anderson told STAT that she had been thrilled when vaccines were proven effective at preventing Covid-19. While she knew that there would be a need for antiviral medicines, she hoped it would not be too great.

    “We all spent a lot of time developing this antiviral,” Anderson said, “and we hoped we wouldn’t need it.”

    Related: Omicron by the numbers: Where things stand now
    Paxlovid is a protease inhibitor, meaning that it works by blocking one the main enzymes (a protease called mPRO) that the virus uses to replicate its genetic material, called RNA. Other drugs that inhibit other proteases are used to treat HIV. Like some HIV drugs, Paxlovid must be combined with another drug, in this case ritonavir, which keeps the body from breaking down protease inhibitor drugs.

    Patients take two Paxlovid pills and one ritonavir pill twice a day for five days, for a total of 30 pills in a treatment course.

    The FDA is also expected to reach a decision soon on whether to authorize another Covid-19 pill, molnupiravir, invented at Emory University and developed by Merck and the biotechnology firm Ridgeback Biotherapeutics. The efficacy of that pill at reducing hospitalization, initially estimated at 50%, dropped to 30% after its study was completed. There are also concerns that it might affect bone growth in children or a developing fetus. An expert panel narrowly recommended the pill be authorized in November; Merck’s application for authorization was submitted before Pfizer’s.

    The U.S. government is likely to have millions of doses of molnupiravir by early next year, if it is authorized as expected. By contrast, it will initially have only a few hundred thousand courses of Paxlovid, due to manufacturing constraints.

    Possible side effects of Paxlovid include impaired sense of taste, diarrhea, high blood pressure, and muscle aches. It can interact with other drugs, and the FDA said care should be taken when giving ritonavir to patients with liver disease.

  21. Robert W Malone MD: The Story of my vaccine injury “How bad is my batch?”

    “There is a whole science and art to crafting vaccines to appropriately respond to the “threat.” So, I know to read the literature, do my own due- diligence, etc before taking an experimental product or any vaccine. That is what I thought I did. The government assured us that these vaccines were very safe. I could never imagine that clinical data would be corrupted and even falsified – as we now know it was.”


  22. This statement by EMA was cancelled by Twitter !

    January 11, 2022
    5:05 PM GMT
    Last Updated 4 days ago
    Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
    EU drug regulator expresses doubt on need for fourth booster dose

    2 minute read
    The exterior of EMA, European Medicines Agency is seen in Amsterdam, Netherlands December 18, 2020. REUTERS/Piroschka van de Wouw
    The exterior of EMA, European Medicines Agency is seen in Amsterdam, Netherlands December 18, 2020. REUTERS/Piroschka van de Wouw

    Jan 11 (Reuters) – The European Union’s drug regulator on Tuesday expressed doubts about the need for a fourth booster dose of COVID-19 vaccine and said there is currently no data to support this approach as it seeks more data on the fast-spreading Omicron variant.

    “While use of additional boosters can be part of contingency plans, repeated vaccinations within short intervals would not represent a sustainable long-term strategy,” the European Medicines Agency’s Head of Vaccines Strategy, Marco Cavaleri, told a media briefing.

    The EMA official raised concerns that a strategy of giving boosters every four months hypothetically poses the risk of overloading people’s immune systems and leading to fatigue in the population.

    Register now for FREE unlimited access to Reuters.com

    Cavaleri also said more data on the impact of the new variant on vaccines and a better understanding of the evolution of the current wave were needed to decide whether an Omicron-specific vaccine was needed.

    “It is important that there is a good discussion around the choice of the composition of the vaccine to make sure that we have a strategy that is not just reactive … and try to come up with an approach that will be suitable in order to prevent a future variant,” he said.

    The EMA said it was currently in conversation with vaccine developers in case there is a need for an updated vaccine but added that any such change would need to be coordinated globally.

  23. “fear of retribution. …

    Joseph Mercola: Do More Children Die From the COVID Shot Than From COVID?


    “what side of history will you be on? I have to know this madness has to stop.”

    Vaccines Not Durable, Omicron Might Turn COVID-19 Endemic: Bill Gates


    “The vaccines we have prevent severe disease and death very well but they are missing two key things. First they still allow infections (‘breakthrough’) and the duration appears to be limited. We need vaccines that prevent re-infection and have many years of duration,” Gates said.

    The effectiveness of vaccines has been questioned, especially with regards to the Omicron variant. The high number of mutations on the variant’s spike protein increases “the possibility of immune escape,” according to Moderna President Stephen Hoge. Hoge added that the “dent in our vaccine’s efficacy” applies to all manufacturers.

    Gates talked about a lot of “misinformation” regarding him spreading on social media.

    “People like you and I and Tony Fauci have been subject to a lot of misinformation. I didn’t expect that. Some of it like me putting chips in arms doesn’t make sense to me—why would I want to do that?”

  24. All raw trial data should be made available, and I agree with a lot of P Doshi’s points in BMJ articles regarding Covid vaxes. About 90% of our ICU patients are patients who are not vaccinated. Does this mean vaccines cannot cause SEs? No. Does this mean you won’t get Covid with a Vax? No. Not black Not White. Be nice to have all the data.

    • Hi Jayme,

      When hospital staff say “90% of ICU patients are unvaccinated”, are they only referring to people who did not take even a single jab?

      Are there actually hospitals which lump people who are double vaxxed but not yet boosted into the “unvaccinated” category? It makes for a good meme, but I hope it isn’t actually true.

  25. Socrates, Thought Police, Ivermectin and Uttar Pradesh
    Part 2 of my response to Mr. Alex Berenson’s personal attack on Fox

    Robert W Malone MD, MS
    9 hr ago
    As many are now aware, Mr. Alex Berenson decided to use a Fox/ Laura Ingraham show segment to launch an unprovoked ad homonym attack on me as committing “clearly a large exaggeration” by referring to myself as “the inventor of the mRNA technology” or by asserting that “Ivermectin has been proven to work”. In his critique, Mr. Berenson – a former NYTimes journalist without any formal medical training, assumes a self-anointed position as speaker on behalf of “those of us who are trying to raise questions about the vaccine”.

    The Laura Ingram show segment had intended to focus on Big Tech censorship and the “Open Letter To Spotify” signed by a rag tag collection of 270 pro-censorship malcontents who self-identify as a “coalition of scientists, medical professionals, professors, and science communicators spanning a wide range of fields such as microbiology, immunology, epidemiology, and neuroscience”. This motley group of self-appointed thought police and Academic Nobility accuse “The Joe Rogan Experience” web host Spotify of the following thoughtcrime:

    “By allowing the propagation of false and societally harmful assertions, Spotify is enabling its hosted media to damage public trust in scientific research and sow doubt in the credibility of data-driven guidance offered by medical professionals.”

    The specific infraction cited is JRE # 1757 , and in particular the brief explanation of the brilliant insights of Dr. Mattias Desmet concerning the Mass Formation process which has repeatedly lead to the madness of crowds across the entire span of recorded history, and which has been accelerated and deepened during the 20th and 21st centuries due to the rise of mass media.

    In the open letter, these culture warriors do not actually cite the source as evidence, but rather a derivative character assassination hit job from the notoriously biased “Politifact”. Evidence cited by “Politifact” supporting their character assassination was that Twitter deplatformed me for posting this factual redpill entitled “The Pfizer Inoculations Do More Harm Than Good”.

    The current thoughtcrime committed by myself with accomplices Joe Rogan and Spotify is asserted to rise to the level of being a “sociological issue of devastating proportions”, consequent to “predatory medical misinformation”. However, the text also reveals the underlying issue which triggered this ragtag collection of Academic Elite, trainees, and associated camp followers- that being a “backlash and resistance as the public grows to distrust our research and expertise”. According to the authors and signatories, this is a particularly egregious infraction of unwritten California thoughtcrime law due to the fact that “the average age of Joe Rogan Experience listeners is 24 years old”. In other words, I have committed the same thoughtcrime for which Socrates was put to death: corrupting young minds and having no regard for the Academic/Medical/Pharmaceutical-industrial complex gods of the state.

    Well, if my crime is that of Socrates, then clearly this self-appointed Dikastes are well within both their self-mandate and historic precedent to demand the modern equivalent of drinking the hemlock; that Spotify “immediately establish a clear and public policy to moderate misinformation on its platform” and cancel the offending podcast episode.

    But getting back to the claims of Mr. Alex Berenson, we have previously addressed his baseless assertion of committing “clearly a large exaggeration” by referring to myself as “the inventor of the mRNA technology”. Now lets turn to his ignorant, uninformed regurgitation of Merck , FDA, and legacy media propaganda concerning the lack of efficacy and safety of Ivermectin as a component of modern early staged treatment protocols for COVID-19 disease.

    Here’s the inconvenient truth. The Federal Government’s Department of Health and Human Services of the United States of America has developed an atrocious track record during the many waves of COVID-19 disease which have swept across the country. As if it were not bad enough that the evidence implicates Dr. Anthony Fauci and his minions as having created the pathogen SARS-CoV-2 in a biodefense strategy that would make Rube Goldberg’s Professor Butts proud, the United States is listed by Worldometers as having the most deaths attributed to the disease in the entire world.

    If adjusted for mortality as a function of population (total cases per 1M population), the US ranks 19th out of 234 nations (2,614 deaths/1 million). In contrast, India comes in at 130 out of 234 with 347 deaths/1 million. The overall world average for deaths/million population is 712.

    What public policies are responsible for this amazing difference in outcomes?

    The curious case of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh is often sited. Densely populated, relatively poor, and they have absolutely crushed the COVID-19 death curve. Widespread availability of a package distributed throughout the region, rumored to contain the repurposed drug Ivermectin, have often been credited for this amazing success. But until now, these rumors have remained unsubstantiated. As I mentioned recently on the Fox segment in response to the unprovoked attack by Mr. Berenson, a close colleague of mine recently returned from a vacation in the region. Prompted by my specific request that she seek out evidence of the contents of these “care packages” which have been made available throughout the region, she returned with the following photograph of the list of ingredients. As is often observed, a picture is worth a thousand words.

    So, without further ado, I am glad to finally be able to provide photographic evidence of what is responsible for the miracle of Uttar Pradesh. I have nothing more to add, other than that an apology is owed (By Mr. Berenson and many others) to the many brave physicians who have persisted, against enormous coordinated media and governmental pressure, to prescribe this agent as a key component of the staged early treatment protocols responsible for saving countless lives across the USA and the world.

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  26. Dr. Healy,

    Did you comment somewhere about the lack of all-cause mortality benefit for the Pfizer covid vaccine showed in an FDA document released by court order connected with a FOIA request?

    Maybe some numbers will jog someone’s memory.

    17 deaths in the placebo arm

    21 deaths vaccine arm

    Trend was towards harm, although the study was underpowered to show significance.

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