Pharmageddon (2012)

Pharmaceutical companies have hijacked healthcare in America, and the results are life-threatening.

Dr. David Healy documents a riveting and terrifying story that affects us all.

Pharmageddon is the story of a tragedy.

University of California Press (2012)


A Short History of Bipolar Disorder (Johns Hopkins Biographies of Disease)

Paperback Edition 2011

Johns Hopkins University Press (2010)

Psychiatric Drugs Explained

Clear and comprehensive guide to the uses, benefits, and impact of psychotropic drugs

Churchill Livingstone; 5th edition (2008)

Sixth Edition Scheduled

Let Them Eat Prozac

The Unhealthy Relationship Between the Pharmaceutical Industry and Depression (Medicine, Culture, and History)

New York University Press (2004)

The Creation of Psychopharmacology

The discovery and development of antipsychotic medication

Harvard University Press (2002)

The Psychopharmacologists (Vol 3)

Completes a trio of interview-based books about the process of therapeutic innovation in clinical psychiatry

Arnold, London (2000)

With a reissue of Volumes 1 & 2

The Antidepressant Era

The first complete account of the phenomenon of antidepressants

Harvard University Press (1999)

Shock Therapy

The History of Electroconvulsive Treatment in Mental Illness

Rutgers University Press (2007)