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Science Media Centre Roundup Expert reaction to editorial on serotonin and depression as published in The BMJ (British Medical Journal)* Dr Clare Stanford, Reader in Experimental Psychopharmacology, UCL, said: “Prof David Healy's article treads a path that is well-worn but out of date. He argues that selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (SSRI) antidepressants are used because of a … [Read More...]


A Broken Utopia? The Internet and Health Activism

Editorial Note: This post by James Bennett, a research coordinator on RxISK, follows on from last week's Everyone has the right to challenge "Scientific Experts". The article accompanying the image of War on Science from the National Geographic featured in that post made the case that we increasingly live in a world of tribes - the tribes who see vaccination as an unmitigated good or a harm, the … [Read More...]


Everyone Has the Right to Challenge “Scientific Experts”

Editorial Note:  This post is from John Horgan who writes for Scientific American.  The original is here.  There is one change - the image used.  JH's posts are always worth reading.  In this he takes on a worrying trend to regard science as sacrosanct.  A recent front cover for National Geographic brought this home to me.  To question whether vaccines might cause autism it seems is pretty well to … [Read More...]

Winging it: Antidepressants and Plane Crashes

The crash last week of the Germanwings plane has shocked many.  In view of the apparent mental health record of the co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, questions have been asked about the screening policies of airlines.  The focus has generally been on the conditions pilots may have or the arguments they might be having with partners or other situational factors that might make them unstable. Even when … [Read More...]

Antidepressants and the Tell-Tale Heart II

Editorial Note:  This is Part 2 of The Tell-Tale Heart.  It fits into a sub-series about Pharmaceuticals: Rape and Consent.  It also maps straight on to Antidepressant Withdrawal: A Prozac Story and Saving Grace both of which are on RxISK.  Saving Grace picks up the Bipolar theme running through Tell Tale Heart.   For the record, there is no question but that citalopram and escitalopram have … [Read More...]


Antidepressants and The Tell-Tale Heart

We have slightly detoured from the Persecution theme.  The detour came after a lawyer, a woman, representing a company that markets escitalopram said it wasn't appropriate to compare the lack of consent in pharmacotherapy to rape.  This gave rise to a Consent-Rape mini series of posts which this two-part post continues.  Persecution will resume very soon. This post feeds into a series of posts … [Read More...]

Crazy and it was

Pharmaceutical Rape

Editorial Note:  A riff by Laurie Oakley on the issue of Rape and Consent.  See Laurie's recent post on RxISK - Over the Top. Tackling Medical Power and for pharmaceutical lawyers on the issue or Rape and Consent - see Dangerous Liaisons II.  It should be read in conjunction with Doctors Writing Scary Scripts: Saving Grace - on RxISK We are interested in any additions anyone - even The Chester … [Read More...]

Persecution: Dangerous Liaisons II

Editorial Note: This is the eighteenth post in the Persecution series, and a sequel to Dangerous Liaisons.   See Brand Fascism for a listing of prior posts in the sequence. Slightly over a week ago in New York I was subject to a blizzard of questions from a lawyer for Forest, who taking great pleasure in using the word Fucked in a deposition asked among others questions whether it was … [Read More...]


Persecution: Dangerous Liaisons

This is the seventeenth in the Persecution Series. See Brand Fascism for a listing of prior posts in the sequence. In the novel Les Liaisons Dangereux, later the movie Dangerous Liaisons, the Marquise de Merteuil engages the Vicomte de Valmont to corrupt the incorruptible Madame de Tourvel..... From 1951, a system designed for heroin and cocaine addicts - prescription-only status - was … [Read More...]


War on Civilization: What Would Happen if Patients Radicalize?

The Events in Paris have led to a brief interruption to the Persecution Series although this post could have been termed Brand Fascism II.   Illustration: Data Wars, 2012 © Billiam James   The day after the Charlie Hebdo shootings in Paris, Nicholas Sarkozy stood on the steps of the Elysee Palace and said "This [the shootings] is a declaration of a war on civilization … [Read More...]

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