Speaking engagements

2016-03-17Toronto, CanadaRyerson UniversityCan Medical Science Be Trusted if its Authors are Ghosts? Much of the apparently scientific literature on drug safety and effectiveness is ghost-written by the pharmaceutical industry, but published under the names of eminent academic researchers. Typically the research data are unavailable to experts, regulators, the legal system or the public.

David Healy will discuss what this means for the public, for patients, for doctors and for science through the story of the famous clinical trial that claimed the anti-depressant, Paxil, was safe to use for children.
2015-05-24Hay on WyeHow the Light Gets in FestivalPhilosophy Session - Positive Thinking and The Name Game: When we are ill we want a name for our illness. Yet every case is different, and as placebos indicate, how we think also matters. Could we be healthier if we were less attached to naming illness? Can we improve our health by improving our mind, or is this an old lie peddled by quacks?
President of the World Psychiatric Association Dinesh Bhugra, radical psychopharmacologist David Healy, and philosopher and author of Illness Havi Carel put medicine on trial.
2015-05-24Hay on WyeHow the Light Gets in FestivalAre Hospitals Bad For Us? We ring fence NHS spending and western countries spend ever more on medicine. But a third of all deaths are due to medical intervention and the statistics suggest it is poverty not pathogens that makes the biggest difference. Is it a fantasy to believe that medical technology can solve health? Should we focus more on social justice and less on hospital medicine?
Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett, psychiatrist Mark Salter, Labour politician Diane Abbott, and author of Pharmageddon David Healy get real about health. Roger Bolton hosts
2015-05-24Hay on WyeHow the Light Gets in FestivalWhen the Drugs Don’t Work: Are clinical trials a danger to us all? Radical psychiatrist and Pharmageddon author David Healy reveals the risks of the drug industry.
2015-05-14DublinMedico-Legal Society Meeting of IrelandViolence and Antidepressants: New Medico-Legal Issues
2015-04-24New Haven, ConnecticutFEMHC Conference, Yale UniversityDie on Your Feet or Live on Your Knees: What does Recovery Mean? Dr. David Healy speaks at the 2015 Yale Symposium entitled, "New Data and New Hopes Call for New Practices in Clinical Psychiatry."
2014-11-29New JerseyRutgers UniversityAuthorship and Authority in Medicine
2014-11-14Los AngelesUCLA International Society for Ethical Psychology and PsychiatryDie on Your Feet
2014-11-13Los AngelesUCLA Department of History of ScienceAuthority in Biomedicine
2014-06-06LondonEuropean Orthopaedics MeetingThe Role of Evidence in Clinical Practice
2014-05-25Hay on WyeHow the Light Gets in FestivalDocs in the Dock: Debate with Clare Gerada and Gisela Stuart
2014-05-25Hay on WyeHow the Light Gets in FestivalMadness Incorporated: Debate with Richard Bentall and Dinesh Bhughra
2014-05-25Hay on WyeHow the Light Gets in FestivalThe Persecution of Heretics
University of TriestePharmageddon and Slow Medicine
2014-04-04BelfastMedico-Legal Society of Northern IrelandThe Politics of Access to Clinical Trial Data
2014-03-27HalifaxDiagnostic Imaging Grand RoundsAcademic Stalking: Is Wikipedia Fascist?
Dept of Bioethics
Novel Tech Ethics
2 PM
Access to Clinical Trial Data
Dalhousie University
Potter Auditorium. Kenneth Rowe Management Building
7 PM
Public Lecture:
The Shipwreck of the Singular
2014-03-27HalifaxDept of PsychiatryChallenges in Finding Resources to meet Standards
2014-03-26HalifaxCharles Tupper Medical Building 4PMCommercialized Science: Stories from the Field
2014-03-25HalifaxCDHA Pharmacy and Ethics service
1200 Noon
Slow Medicine
2014-03-25HalifaxVPMC SeminarTrust me I'm a medical student
2014-03-24Dalhousie University
Dept of Bioethics
1.30 PM
Study 329
2014-03-24Bloomfield Centre
Bloomfield Centre
Medical Citizenship through a Mental Health Lens
2013-12-13NaplesAssociazione Alessandro Liberati & the Italian Cochrane NetworkRCTs as an Act of Authorship
2013-12-03LondonSt Bartholomew's Hospital Global Health WeekThe Shipwreck of the Singular, Evidence Based Medicine is not Medicine.
2013-12PakistanSIUT, KarachiCan Pakistan Resist Pharmaceuticalization
2013-10-09House of Commons
All Party Parliamentary Group on Tranquilliser AddictionAntidepressants & the Politics of Health
2013-09-18CopenhagenInternational Congress on Disorders of PersonalityThe Urge to Categorize the Dimensional Aspects of Drugs
2013-06-25Varese - ItalyUniversity of Insubria, Faculty of Medicine Annual Guest LectureLouis Lasagna: The Man who Created Modern Medicine
2013-06-22DinardWelsh Breton Psychiatric MeetingThe Man who changed Psychiatry and the Day it changed
2013-06-21DinardWelsh Breton Psychiatric MeetingDo Controlled Trials Work?
2013-05-26Hay-on-WyeT How The Light Gets In 2013, the world's first philosophy and music festivalAre doctors bad for us? Panel discussion (4-6pm)
2013-05-22San Fransisco, CaliforniaAmerican Psychiatric Association,
San Francisco Convention Center, Moscone South - Esplanade Level - Room 302
Antidepressants in Major Depressive Disorder: The Efficacy Debate (2-5pm)
2013-05-10Kingston, OntarioEtherington Theatre, Queens UniversityHow Regulating Drugs has Killed the Art of Medicine.
2013-05-10Kingston, OntarioEtherington Theatre, Queens UniversityPsychiatry Debate. The proposition is this: "This House Believes that the speciality of Psychiatry is going to become less important" (11am-12:15pm)
2013-04-30Wales, UKCardiff University: Stanley Parris Lecture Theatre in Psychology Department
Mass Shootings and Homicide on Psychotropic and Other Drugs (11am-12pm)
2013-04-02LiverpoolShip and Mitre, 113 Dale Street, Liverpool L2 2JHTime to Abandon Evidence Based Medicine?
Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol HillPanel at Selling Sickness Conference: Independent Resources for Journalists, Health Professionals and Consumers. Dr. Healy’s talk entitled Scaremongering: How RxISK.org will make Medicine Safer. (Includes discussion and demonstration of RxISK.org, the first free independent website for researching and reporting prescription drug side effects)
Access Living, 115 W. Chicago AvenueHow Safe Are Your Prescription Drugs – and what can you do about it?
(6p – 8:30p)
University of Illinois at Chicago 601 South Morgan Street ChicagoPsychotropic Drug – Induced Violence: A Hidden Epidemic. There is abundant clinical trial and other clinical data demonstrating that psychotropic drugs can trigger aggressive behavior up to and including homicide. This is not widely known because the data is largely hidden and there are barriers in the way of recognizing the link. This talk will outline the data, and explore the causation and medico-legal issues.
(3p – 5p)
Chicago Kent College of Law
565 W. Adams Street, Room C-90
Side Effects: Homicidal and Suicidal Behavior Influenced by Prescription Medications Sponsors: Illinois Assn. of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Chicago-Kent College of Law and Bill Clutter Investigations(1p – 4p)
Rush Medical College, 600 S. Paulina, Room 976The Eclipse of Medicine
Sponsor: American Medical Students Association (12p – 1 p)
New York
Still Mind ZendoRxISK Forum on Rx Drug-Induced Violence. Are common US prescription medications linked to violence? To Register click here.
Art Gallery of OntarioPanel discussion – You and your meds: Are they Safe? To Register click here.
United Kingdom
David Healy: Pharmageddon at Conway HallA debate on “evidence biased medicine” and how it may harm you
Cardiff UniversityThe Changing Face of Psychosis
Cardiff UniversityRandomized Controlled Trials: The gold standard way to hide adverse events
Danish Universities Antidepressant GroupRandomized Controlled Trials: The gold standard way to hide adverse events
School of Nursing, Trinity CollegeThe power of the pharmaceutical industry over healthcare
2012-10-04New York,
United States
The Empire West Ballroom, Sheraton New York and TowersAPA’s Institute of Psychiatric Services: Professional Suicide as part of a symposium on Conflict of Interest Issues in Psychiatry (10.00-11.30 am)
2012-10-04New York,
United States
Conference Room C, Sheraton New York and TowersAPA’s Institute of Psychiatric Services: The Changing Face of Psychosis (4 pm)
2012-05-23Los Angeles,
United States
Providence Tarzana Medical Center (LA)The Psychology of Drugs and Risk
School of Nursing and Midwifery
Trinity College
24 D’Olier St.
The Eclipse of Medical Care
2012-03-22Los Angeles,
United States
VA HospitalThe Changing Face of Psychosis
2012-03-20TV appearance,
TV OntarioThe Agenda with Steve Paiken
2012-03-20Los Angeles,
United States
Harbor UCLAHearts & Minds – Pregnancy and Antidepressants
2012-03-19San Francisco,
United States
Commonwealth Club (595 Market Street, Gold Room)The Eclipse of Medical Care
University of McMaster (Room HSC-4E20)The Eclipse of Medical Care
University of Toronto
Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy (Fitzgerald Building, 150 College St, Room 103)
The Eclipse of Medical Care
2012-03-09New York,
United States
City University of New York (365 Fifth Ave, The Graduate Center, Room 6304.01)The Psychology of Drugs and Risk
2012-03-08New Jersey,
United States
Rutgers (First Floor Conference Room, Institute for Health, Health Care Policy, and Aging Research Building, 112 Paterson St., New Brunswick)The Changing Face of Psychosis: Implications for Treatment The Eclipse of Medical Care
United States
Tufts University (Farnsworth 250 Conference Room)The Changing Face of Psychosis