RxISK Stories: Withdrawal from Antidepressants – V’s Story

August, 31, 2012 | 1 Comment


  1. There are so many truly horrifying accounts of adverse effects and withdrawal syndromes of antidepressants, particularly the SSRIs and these accounts seem to concentrate only on the antidepressant without indicating whether or not medications for other conditions, not psychiatric, were being taken at the same time. I am most concerned about the effect of the PPIs on all other medications. It seems that more than half the world has been popping proton pump inhibitors for years without anyone realizing that changing a part of the body intended to be acidic to alkaline is really not a good idea. Now we know that these drugs cause serious reductions in calcium, magnesium, increase the risk of pneumonia and of claustridium difficile in hospital patients etc. etc. The greatest problem, in my opinion, is that the drug manufacturers calculate dosages based in large part on the assumption that one will lose much of the drug in the stomach due to the presence of gastric acid. If one doesn’t have any gastric acid, then overdose is immediate and withdrawal similarly affected. The drastic reductions in calcium, magnesium and who knows what else is bound to be involved here. I would like to see questions about adverse effects include some about other medications taken (in particular the PPIs) including those obtained over the counter.

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