RxISK Stories: Gambling on the Side Effects of Antidepressants – Does Pfizer Play Dice?

September, 28, 2012 | 5 Comments


  1. I am seriously considering handing my health care needs over to either my dental surgeon or my pet’s veterinarian. Each is extremely careful about doing a complete search on drugs and drug interactions before using anything – and the vet can be called at any time, day or night. Of course, should I need it I don’t think I could afford it but would certainly try.

  2. The butcher, the baker and the candlestickmaker. The dentist, the vet. I used to crawl out of the surgery and hope to meet somebody normal; not somebody who hurled acutely serious abuse at me because they stopped me abruptedly taking this wretched drug.

    I, too, would have preferred the educated veterinarian, who I might add, was, at the same time, trying to save the life of my dog with diligence, thought and lots of caring.
    A little less of the hubris would have been welcome from ‘the doctor’.

    As an example, of her attitude she remarked in my medical records ‘dog died.’
    Another example, was ‘apparently, she has been admitted to Inverclyde hospital with self harm and an overdose’.

    Apparently? What sort of word is that. Either I did or I didn’t.
    I did, apparently, and my friend, Rosemary, the doctor, whose dogs I walked for her, did the worst thing in the world, to me, she lied about drugs. She died a while ago, whilst witholding crucial medication from me and her obituary said she had a wicked sense of humour.
    She sure did.
    Stockholm syndrome was probably my problem with ‘Rosemary.’
    I hesitate to say it, but ‘heathens’ comes to mind when I describe the way I have been treateded by the Scottish National Health Service. From day one to day…….what day is it now??

  3. This is the conclusion of this tale of mine. ‘Rosemary’s’ boss emigrated to Novia Scotia to start a private medical practice, at the same time, keeping his Scottish village practice.

    I sent my complaint about ‘Rosemary’s’ proven prescription fabrication to him, in Canada, by fast-track post. A telephone call from this man, to my home, his time, 7.00 am, told me he was ‘a very busy man and did not have time it.’ He sounded agitated.

    Yikes, more threats, more ‘cover ups’.
    His Canadian venture failed and he arrived back in the UK, three years later, and is back in the Scottish village practice.

    I have a challenge. To get ‘Robbie’ struck off for ‘perverting the course of justice’, ‘aiding and abetting’ and ‘medical fraud.’

    Are there no lengths these people will go to, to save their own backsides.
    It’s a good job, I was not born yesterday.

  4. The mental process of a turn around, from being a victim, to one who is in control, is a long and lonely road. Only by acquiring much knowledge on the subject, is this possible.

    I am going through a process, and it has helped me enormously being able to put my thoughts down, on David’s blog.

    I am going through life, thinking I am going to be attacked. By whom, I don’t know. But I do know, that I was attacked, when I was at an extremely vulnerable point in my life, when I was going through horrific withdrawal and a woman, who never knew me, who took me off this drug abruptedly, was vitriolic in her condemnation of my character. She took me off it, and a week later told me to ‘pull myself together’ when I was sat on my bed, hyperventilating so badly, I could not do anything else but sit, on my bed, in my pyjamas, at a loss as to how to control myself.

    The benzos helped by moderately calming my now frenzied state of mind.
    In the space of eight weeks, the ‘doctor’, was in my home nearly every day, giving me more and more benzos. I was told that I would have to be ‘whiter than white’, that I ‘should not go to her ‘looking for sympathy’ and ‘no more men’.

    She was killing me. I had no chance of recovery because to be attacked when you are severely distressed from drugs, in such a manner, is the worst thing in the world. It affects your psyche, it made me paranoid, because although I knew Seroxat was the problem, an aggressive and damaged gp, who I initially, thought was helping me, decided to lie about the drugs she gave me.

    I can now understand why all the victims of Jimmy Saville’s indiscretions have now come forward. When you are confronted by somebody so strong, in a position of such authority, who are you to contront them. You have no chance, and it has taken such a long time for Jimmy’s victims to have their say, and it has taken me such a long time for me to have my say about Rosemary, ‘the doctor.’

    Where I am now, is that the truth always comes out in the end.
    GSK are in serious criminal trouble.
    My surgery stitched me up so badly, I have spent ten years feeling sick about it, but, the truth always comes out in the end.
    I wonder if my position is now a police matter; this is what is now suggested to victims of sexual abuse. What about medical abuse. Not the local bobby, police at the highest level, because, and this is crucial, everybody get’s it apart from the medical profession and I have watched and learned and I have a feeling that the police might be very interested in a gp lying about drugs causing ‘manslaughter’.

    Bravo, David, for allowing me to contribute. Hope I am not boring old woman, for much longer.

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