RxISK Stories: Cora’s Story – A Benzodiazepine Story

October, 5, 2012 | 4 Comments


  1. Diazepam is considered mild and psychiatrists started prescribing “clonazepam”, it was to treat seizures, in the beginning of the nineties here in Brazil.

    Clonazepam is very hard to withdraw and many people have to take it for life because of the withdrawal symptoms.

    In Rio de Janeiro every 10 minutes, at least, I can assure that one box of clonazepam is being sold.

    Everybody knows at least one person who is or has been on clonazepam.

    It is cheap but if one takes two pills a day…

  2. The subtle aspects of a patient’s presentation have been rendered obsolete by the avid diligence of KOL’s in America, who are propaganda experts for “magic bullet psychiatric treatment’. There is no consideration paid to the masking of significant symptoms by drugs , or the subjective bias employed when administering an anti-psychotic drug to a mute patient, for instance. Under the current guidelines for first line drug treatment in America for ‘psychiatric symptoms’ two major problems occur:
    1) Falsely ascribing a psychiatric term (justifying the administration of the drug) in the absence of reliable signs/symptoms , and
    2) Complicating the clinical picture with drug effects

    Both of these problems facilitate the prescribing of drugs as first line treatment— for the ‘symptoms’ made up to fit the drug of choice! The complicated picture opens the way for add on drugs!

    The lost art of practicing medicine seems to have slipped away in favor of the profitability of assembly line medicine!

  3. Sins of the Modern Age / Pharmageddon?

    When birds suddenly stop coming into your garden
    and you wake up no longer to hear the dawn chorus
    Something very sinister has come to harm –
    They hunt you down like vermin
    The posse of night and day
    They use their magnetic weapons
    Like Star Wars at play –
    An army against one –
    main, burn, burn, burn –
    All in the name of secrecy
    – This army from hell
    The cowards of night and day
    How mighty they are –
    They sneak behind open windows –
    They hide behind doors –
    They chase the hunted
    On wheels of flashing lights –
    They recruit friend and foe
    As lawmen help them by –
    In their task of satanic hell!
    They hunt their innocent victim
    Until they stamp out the air
    he or she yearns to breathe!

    Nuremberg Code betrayed….
    Tears of the innocent go ignored
    as they flood a river of human suffering.

  4. When I endured a ‘cold turkey’ Klonopin withdrawal and entered into the world of a psychotic Hell I never knew existed I became very catatonic for weeks, and it was because my mind was no longer able to tell me how to talk. I was locked in a world of psychosis where time and space no longer existed. While my brain is pumping out anxiety at levels I didn’t know the human mind could tolerate. I believed I was going completely insane and I didn’t understand why. Nor, could my mind process any information: words in a book, the TV, or the radio. Benzo withdrawal forces you to live in a world of complete silence even as it takes your voice away and you can no longer speak. My brain had shut down so far that I had to basically relearn how to communicate all over again, learn how to socialize in public which I have not re-learned. The cognitive damage so great that I don’t even know who I am anymore although I am off ALL the psychiatric drugs.

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