Great White Lies

June, 27, 2013 | 3 Comments


  1. You’ve done a good job exposing the “numbers” game—lower blood sugar levels have GOT to be better, right? In part, this was the argument that garnered FDA approval for synthetic insulin—now the standard of care treatment for Type 1.

    The FDA application for approval for the first synthetic insulin was very thin; because this was the first of its kind ‘created’ biologic, there were no guidelines for approval. Apparently, the rules were made up as the regulators went along. IF the product lowered blood sugar (which synthetic human insulin did) and IF it did not kill the patient immediately (a sure measure of SAFETY), then the manufacturer’s claim that it was HUMAN insulin, just like the human body makes was “obviously” true. Give the maker approval and applause! And never, ever allow anyone to look back at the original claims, the original “science.”

    Pharmaceutical CEOs, drugs reps and the advertising departments they represent, are comparable to cockroaches, busily spreading their contamination (lies, half-truths, intentional deceptions) until someone can find the light switch and turn on the light.

  2. And as well as not lowering the risk of heart disease the new incretin drugs: GLP1s like exanatide and DRR-4 like sitagliptin seem certain to raise the risk of pancreatitis and very probably pancreatic cancer – see very careful investigation in BMJ a couple of weeks ago by Deborah Cohen.
    See my summary at
    which contains links to the original.

    The investigation not only reveals the side-effect link but also the extent to which the companies did not want to know.

  3. Take a work out and feel the Burn….

    Good comment, Mr. Burne.
    So, now we have Shelley Jofre, Peter Hitchins and Jerome Burne, journalists prepared to speak out.

    Any more drivel coming in the press about depression/anxiety/diabetes/cholesterol and doctors could give you an anti-depressant, diabetic drugs, statins, and who are allowed to go into print without a shred of evidence in their absurd and dangerous articles about drugs.

    Are there any more journalists out there who consider, do their research, write correct articles, do tv programmes and get a grip about the side-effect link and companies who do not want to know…

    We all want to know.

    From little acorns grows the Oak… November to July, a triumph and all the little people are getting bigger….and the ‘big whoppers’ are now designated ‘fast food’.

    Slow down, sit up and wake up…..pivotal evidence is relish on your burger.

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