RxISK Stories: Go Ask Alice

July, 3, 2013 | 3 Comments


  1. Healy, why is it that even patients that have been dealing with the mental health industry don’t think the side that you discuss holds any credibility? I am a member on 2 depression forums and when it is brought up every now and then that a certain Med someone took ruined their life, they’re told they’re mistaken by others on the forum ( to put it lightly). They talk of others that aren’t dealing with a mental illness, that they have no empathy. Yet when someone comes along and shares a life story that discredits the apparent greatness of Eli Lilly or any other drug company, they believe this is best ignored.

    Im not meaning to sound rude, but the closest thing I can relate it to is how some cling to their religion. They are unaccepting of opposing views.

    As you state, yes,these drugs have saved lives, but they’ve also ruined lives. And I believe both sides need to be revealed equally. The best decision is an informed decision, especially when it comes to deciding whether or not to do amateur work on the most complicated thing in the universe (the brain) with a man made pill that works based on a weak hypothesis.

    But depression forums are hardly anything more than a personalized version of WebMD, and its really quite sad.

  2. Because of my own experience with the side effects of SSRIS landing me up in the criminal justice system, I thought It would important to tell my story on one of the websites that helps ex offenders only to be told that my comment was dangerous. I really couldn’t believe they refused to let me tell my story to help other possible sufferers of SSRIS. I wish someone had come to me when I was having my problems and told me it may be my medication as it would have saved me from several more years of suffering. I was also told I was in denial of alcoholism in an AA meeting because I told them I thought it was the medication making me alcoholic and I would benefit more from the meetings if I accepted my illness. It seems to me that people suffering from SSRI side effects apart from the common side effects like withdrawal are basically on their own when it comes to forums. Maybe a new one needs to be set up for this purpose.

  3. One of the first forums, to discuss ssri withdrawal, was around 2003.
    It was Social Audit and I came across it when, at the time, I was looking around the internet for anything at all to do with Seroxat.

    This forum went on for years and I became addicted to it.

    I used to sit in my village post office, who had a public computer and read about the misery and havoc ssris had caused thousands of people from all over the world.

    From Social Audit, which sadly ceased, a whole world wide network of forums, blogs, ssri stories started and it was not long before I realised there was a whole world suffering irrevocable harm, produced by pharmaceutical companies developing ssris, which were ruining peoples lives.

    As the comments said above. There are a lot of people thankful they received an ssri. It saved their lives, they said. It saved them from facing up to reality and moving on. It saved them from taking more appropriate action than taking a pill.

    It is their little helper and either I am being naïve or I am being honest, when I say that little helpers might have caused thousands not to face up to reality or little helpers might have caused something a whole lost worse.

    Social Audit was the best thing since sliced bread.

    Alone, in my post office, wondering why Seroxat has crucifying properties managed to turn my head back to real life – I was not alone with this.

    The year before, I could not even enter my village post office. I was so scared and so disabled from Seroxat withdrawal, I stood outside trembling, quaking, terrified, sweating, acutely anxious, hyperventilating and a complete and utter mess. It was not long after, that all my friendly neighbours were doing all my shopping and life collapsed in a heap of Seroxat withdrawal.

    So, the forums began and we all know now from all the heart breaking posts how all these thousands of people were trying to get their off their own particular ssri, down to the last few ml. and quaking, starting to up their doses and not getting
    better, reducing again and reduced to palpable wrecks.

    We know the score now from all these forums. They are brilliant and was seemingly the only way to find any hope as it was not us, alone, it was thousands upon thousand of us.

    And the answer is…..sue the socks of all the pharmaceutical companies because without doing that, all the forums in the world are not going to address what they have done – created a monster…..we know that now…..

    Forums saved us from farmapsychology. The farms produce the manure and the public eat it and until they realise what they are digesting, the world spin on ssris will continue unabated and not debated…….

    Basically, what I am saying is don’t accept the that any ssri saved anybody’s life, if they want to believe that, then more fool them…suckers to pseudo science and they will never get it because their doctor and their prescriber said so

    End of story…… or start of story….?

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