RxISK Stories – Withdrawal from Clopidogrel

August, 23, 2012 | 4 Comments


  1. There was a study published in the US a few years ago apparently, confirming a “Plavix rebound” effect. The first 90 days after stopping clopidogrel turned out to be a very risky period for heart attacks and strokes. It was written up in the business press … where else, right? This is from the pharma-biz blog Fierce Pharma:


    They helpfully suggest that folks could avoid the danger by just taking Plavix forever. They have no idea if that’ll be good for you, but it’ll be wonderful for Bristol-Myers Squibb’s bottom line! (I bet that of those doctors who have seen this happen, most of them just regard it as evidence that the patient was sicker than she looked, and Plavix is even more wonderful than we thought.)

    The full article from Journal of the American Medical Assn (JAMA) is here … may be a useful thing for people in Fiona’s position to show their doctors:


  2. i had a similar experience with prozac.i stopped taking it and suffered terrible withdrawal.headaches,vomiting ,numbness,chronic stomach and back pain,swollen face,burning skin,visual problems,severe detatchment from reality,chronic muscle cramps,thoughts of suicide and violence.thoughts of homicide,unable to conrol myself,vivid nightmares,severe dizzieness.the list of side effects or effects they dont want you to know about when they prescribe them.as thats what they are really.gos on and on.every doctor told me it couldnt be the prozac.they were very negative and accused me of being mentally unstable.with one psychiatrist even writing a very bad report on me.i still suffer to this day because of the crap information i was given.i have never been ill in my life.i went to the doctor with anxiety after getting attacked and ended with my life ruined .because i trusted my doctor not to lie.they know nothing about what these drugs do to people.nor do they want to know.they are ignorant fools who dont care about people.they only care about money.i will never trust another doctor or take another drug.SSRIs are poison.they should be banned.

  3. I found this iste after quitting Clopidegrel as I found I felt sick and had tingling in my hand and weakness in my arm.

  4. I am trying to stop Clopidogrel a year after a slight heart attack when tests didnt reveal any heart problem, they think maybe a blood clot. The first time I got bad anxiety, pains, just feeling bad. I ended up in a&e with bad anxiety. Have belching, a sore digestion system, just feel bloated and having a need to move around. Difficult to explain. Trying again and symptoms have returned. Cardiologist said should just stop taking it but I read that should do it slowly. Down to half a tablet in a week. Also taking 75mg aspirin. I am concerned about coming off this drug and will continue but even slower now. People should be warned and be under close observation whilst coming off clopidogrel.

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