RxISK Stories: Night of the Living Cymbalta – B’s Story

October, 11, 2012 | 9 Comments


  1. Hi

    during the seroxat withdrawal I have had frightening nightmares and the odd thing is that I remember them in the morning Have thought I could do a horror story book.

  2. My dreams last night were worse than horror movies(at least those are fake). Mine were holocaust atrocities! Real people, real horror!! It was awful.

  3. I am so glad I did some research on this. Although, I am not going thru Cymbalta withdrawls because I am still on it, I have the worst nightmares. I think what makes them even harder to take is that I cannot wake up from them. It is like I am stuck. I have gone so far down the rabbit hole of dreams that I just can’t bring myself up and out of them.

    Holocaust, Apocalyptic/post-Apocalyptic, horrific sexual rape/beatings, guns/shootings, and the list goes on. They are more real than real life. I try to stay awake as long as I can because I actual fear going to sleep now. With Fibromyalgia, depression, et al and taking various meds I thought it might have something to do with them, but now what do we do???? I cannot keep living like this, but if I do try to 1/2 my Cymbalta dose I am a blubbering bag of booooooo’s and crying at the drop of a hat.

    Oh and I sweat something horrible. I will be 1/2 sweating and 1/2 freezing. It is winter and I can sleep in a t’shirt and a light blanket and still wake up in a ball of sweat.

  4. So glad I’m not the only one going crazy! I accidentally forgot my 60mg cymbalta, and had an experience I will never forget. The Cymbalta nightmare. I couldnt wake up from it, and when I finally did, i was so dehydrated I couldnt move. I thought I’d had a stroke. I kept falling back to sleep and the nightmare would just pick up where it had left off. What makes this worse is that I always remember my dreams. I often become lucid while dreaming (know you are dreaming). I have been this way since i was a child. This cymbalta nightmare was horrific, and I didn’t know what was real and what wasn’t. Now Im awake, terrified to fall asleep again, and petrified of this drug my brain is dependant on. Do I go cold turkey, or take my next pill knowing what this drug has done?

    • Please take your next pill and then come off slowly. The nightmares are normal when you stop taking drugs, and they can be really horrific and the odd thing is that you remember them so well.

      Good luck

  5. I’ve been taking cymbalta for 4 months now and I really like the results I was having! My doctor and I recently felt like I was emotionally stable to stop taking my antidepressant since I was only needing it temporarily; stopping it cold turkey is NOT the way to come off of cymbalta. For the past 3 nights I have been tossing and turning, almost feeling like I might suffer from restless leg syndrome, but when I finally do fall asleep around 3:30am I have horrible, vivid and morbid dreams. And I can’t wake up. I witness people I know in real life being shot in the head and then I’m being asked by my professors to shoot my classmates. I wish I would have done research on this sooner..

  6. Oh my gosh! Thank God I found this site. I, too am experiencing these demonic like horrific dreams… And if I wake up in the middle, I try and stay awake because I know as soon as I fall asleep again, the dream would just start where it left off… I tried to explain this to my husband. How long will this last?? I have never been able to remember dreams like this… Plus I never ever watch anything scary… So I don’t know how my mind is coming up with this stuff…. I need help ASAP =(

  7. This weekend I thought I was losing my mind! I ran out of my Cymbalta the other day and thanks to a very hectic holiday schedule I haven’t had time to pick up my refill. I don’t even know how to explain the dreams I have had the past couple of nights. They were extremely detailed, lucid, and just crazy. Saturday night they woke me up several times during the night. In my dream I was trying to get my husbands attention for various reasons like I was falling off of the bed and I needed him to catch me, but I couldn’t talk. I woke up freaked out and gasping for breath. At one point I woke up drenched in sweat wearing nothing but underwear in winter. I was so freaked out I had to turn on my flashlight on my phone and put some calming music on because I was laying in bed and I could hear and see things. Last night I had a crazy vivid dream about Transformers.

  8. I have been changed over to cymbalta from lyrica…. weaning off the lyrica and the cymbalta was increased to 90mg…. so im down to 50mg lyrica now and i have had the most realistic vivid nightmares ever, I am being attacked….. sometimes its someone i know thats attacking me…… ughhhhhh and im up and down all night, at least 3-4 times a night and finally at 4:45am i crawl out of bed……

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