The Antidepressant Era: the movie

The Antidepressant Era was written in 1995, and first published in 1997. A paperback came out in 1999. It was close to universally welcomed – see reviews 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 . It was favorably received by reviewers from the pharmaceutical industry, perhaps because it made clear that this branch of medical history had not been shaped by great men or great institutions but that other … [Read more...]

Dependence Day

Author: Johanna Ryan, Labor Activist with Illinois Workers Compensation Lawyers (Chicago)  Last month I watched as forty Iraq and Afghanistan vets led an antiwar march to the gates of the NATO summit in Chicago, and handed back their medals. At the rally, they described the toll the wars had taken on the troops as well as the people of Iraq and Afghanistan, and demanded their “right to heal.” … [Read more...]

Every drink spiked

This post is written anonymously (see Petra’s story). I outlined how my daughter Petra came to take Cymbalta on this blog a few months ago (see Petra’s story; also see Symbolta of Sorts). This post tells of events that led to her coming off. Petra is an enthusiast for motor sport events. She has been on track days, hill climbs and driver training events. She is a member of an Italian car club. … [Read more...]

American woman

On Thursday, May 31, 2001, a woman whose name is known only to GlaxoSmithKline emailed the company: I was absolutely distraught "My name is... I was diagnosed with panic disorder about four-and-a-half years ago. Since that time I've been taking Paxil, which is truly a miracle drug. I've been panic-free with this drug and have been able to go on with a normal life. "I was married in October of … [Read more...]

Margaret’s story

(The story outlined below is authored by 'Margaret'.  Since this was first written there have been a number of developments and an update to 'Margaret's Story' will follow - DH). Our son went to his GP with poor sleep because of worries at work. His doctor said he was depressed and put him on a combination of Cipramil (SSRI antidepressant) and Temazepam (a sleeping pill). A week later he took his … [Read more...]

Out of my mind. Driven to drink

Author: Anne-Marie (This story epitomizes what is all about. It shows one woman extraordinarily getting to grips with a problem she has on treatment. The hope when is up and running is that we will be able to make it easier for people like Anne-Marie to engage with their doctors to solve problems like this. Unfortunately even though clearly a drug-induced problem Anne-Marie … [Read more...]

The story of SSRI stories

  Rosie Meysenburg's story For anyone interested in the effects of drugs, the website SSRI stories has been an inspiration. Rosie Meysenburg, its creator, was recently diagnosed with cancer and is terminally ill. The story of how she came to create SSRI stories shows what people can do to hold the powers that be to account. —David Healy   DH:          How did you get … [Read more...]

Petra’s story

This piece is the first of a series showing people struggling with the Kafkka-esque absurdities of modern healthcare. It is written anonymously. If you'd like to share your story, you can do so on the Share Your Story page.  — David Healy   A little over two years ago my daughter’s partner was killed in a tragic accident while in the company of my son. Naturally, this caused terrible … [Read more...]